Thinking of starting to buy some. Whats a fair price?

Thinking of starting to buy some. Whats a fair price?

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10 a gram

10 a g for flower
30-35 for dabs

Anything over 10 a g and youre probably hs fag. Unless its premium shit.

I was going to post this. 10 is the maximum for a gram, never pay more than that, more than 10 for a gram is just not worth the money

20 a gram, for decent stuff
I’ve seen cheaper but it’s usually shit.

10 dollar/euro/sterling per gram max, more like 4-8 if you're buying personal weight (7-28g) and can store it properly and smoke it all before you get sick of the strain. appearance and bag appeal as a measure of quality can be deceiving, the only metric that stays consistent between different strains and seed breeders is how to smells, tastes, and smokes.

Depends on location and qaulity. However, if in an illegal area, never more than 20 a g for the absolute loud of the loud. What I mean is, your shit should be leagues beyond the normal product sold in dispensaries

nicks go for twenties down south

THAT'S ILLEGAL, otherwise whatever the dispensary sells it for stupid underage ban.

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20 clearly, it's too high ; 10 eventually for quality stuff

$20 for 3.5 grams here in cali.
$15 for half gram wax pen cartridge
prices may vary for dabs

10 a gram since your starting. your tolerance will be low so shit herb will be great for any occasion. Once you start to feel less of a high on flower, its your choice to pay more for it or you can go for the wax and edibles. i always recommend people to do edibles over flower any day. it fucks with my throat too much.

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i just have my buddy go to the dispensary for me and pick up whatever I want. never more than 10 a gram unless im getting some top shelf shit. they nornally have deals aswell, like 5 grams for 35 and shit like that. or 2 for 15 100mg gummy bears

Degenerates, lol thinking of buying some weed either want it or you don't, don't be a follower

Would the 20 for 3.5 be on the streets(friendly neighborhood dealer) or local dispos?

Still smoking hydroponic peasant? Once you try premium stuff you can’t go back.

local dispos. although local dispos have basically established the street value of weed here in cali at least, so anywhere you’ll look, except higher class dispensaries, will sell for around that same price

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Thanks guys... I also heard the way you roll the joint is very important (burn up too quick etc) is this true?? If so quick run down on how to do proper would be nice pls

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>i always recommend people to do edibles over flower any day. it fucks with my throat too much.
joints? the ash fucks my throat up too but I've little complaint against bongs or dry herb vapes. edibles are great when they're properly dosed (and the consumer is well-educated on using edibles) but without a lab test it's somewhat difficult to do so, at least at the lower scale of home production as one would find on the street.

I’m in Cali if anyone needs p’s

Edibles are pretty spectacular; my girlfriend makes mac n cheese with cannabutter that'll blow your mind. But there's a certain je ne sais quoi to rolling up a perfect joint and smoking it too... That's where the power of lozenges and hot tea comes in

Just eat half retard

>35mg edible
>eat half
>eat the other half

This is the general rule these days.
10 a gram is standard.

Then its not a KNICK you fucking retard. Thats a twenty or a dub. A knick is 5. As in knickel? Please stop smoking weed

Well first always get a quality paper. Needs to be thin and malleable like bible paper. RAWs are perfect.
Ball up the paper in a wad like you've just written down a bad idea, and then straighten it out again. Crinkled paper seems to burn more slowly and evenly.
Some people like to use a crutch/filter, if that's you then place that first on the side you're smoking from.
Then fill it up with bout a gram or so, depending on the wrap size. Try to even it out so it's a straight line.
Then take the bottom lip and tuck it over the weed, like a burrito. Keeping your thumbs on the bottom and your middle finger on the back of the paper, touch your index fingers together on top of the lip you just tucked in (soo like a Chinese finger trap) and push down to get the joint even tighter. Then roll her up like a pig in a blanket. Having a crutch makes this part a lot easier.
Then one lick across the top lip of the wrap and use YOUR own top lip to seal the wrap.
Voila, a joint. Personal opinion, I like to double wrap for longer seshes and that perfect joint look

> girlfriend
> Mac and cheese
> Cannabutter
My balls are hard rn

Never ever ever pay more than four dollars thirty for a baggy of marijuana because you are better than that and not a dirty drugs addcit okay

just smoke the weed you faggot. Stop shit posting chong. Voila you nig

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dont listen to this fag, use google

Why are you name-calling, user-san?

you are the reason it's taken so long for this shit to be legalized.

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It should never have been illegalized in the first place, dumb faggot. Blame the Mexicans

Yeah lets not talk about the boomers scared to take an Advil.

This guy is 100% right. And if you get in good, I've gotten dabs as cheap as 20 a g

I used to have a pretty convoluted way to wrap my joints. First i'd fold my crutch/filter/whatever you want to call it, my missus has a guillotine so its easy to cut them to my preferred length. So thats a bunch of fold back and forth, then wrap around until stable. Then i'd use that for the narrow end, and stick a fat pen in the other side, wrap the paper around that, so it has a bit of a taper, narrowing towards the filter. Once the paper was rolled i'd gently pack the joint, You have to be careful to not pack it too tight, but not too loose, but it makes for a fucking gorgeous joint. Once it's packed you pinch the tip, and twirl, giving it a nice flat tip with a tiny protruding twirl. Looks fucking amazing, smokes like nothing else. Nice strong hit at the start, mellowing out to a shallower hit at the end. Fuck it has been 3 years since i smoked... i need to get me some

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You are a fucking retard. Even in other countries where nickel isnt a unit of currency, it is used as a measurment for weed.

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dry herb vape or baking. burning it wastes tons of THC

buy a gram for 10
find a decent sized socket in your garage
cut a hole in a bottle lid, then fit the socket inside it
cut the bottom off the bottle, and the top off of a larger bottle
put the socket bottle in the water, fill socket with weed, light it and pull up slowly
there you have a solid yellow bottle of smoke that will put you on your ass for an hour at least, probably more since you don't smoke.
not to mention you'll still have at least half a g left

you mean the boomers who were the first generation to publicly embrace stoner "culture"? your shits all fucked up

There you go, my bro. And thank me later

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If you're living in a state where the sale of bud is prohibited, street price is 20 a dub. If you live in a state where you can buy it at the store nigga the prices are literally listed above. Start huffing paint you'll like that more

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Zippo lighter fluid is better