Alpha females

Alpha females

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What is an alpha female? Someone who fucks a lot of boys..?

Isn’t that just a whore?

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A domineering female. Doesn't mean they have lots of sex but they would lead it if they did

What does she look like now?

It's a woman that can take full control of you mentally and physically

While I won’t comment on bdsm, why would you want to be socially dominated by a female?

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Isn't that Deepthoat Heather? She's alpha af.

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Oh yes son. She can SUCK YOU like a helpless little boy.

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Go go go

what does heather look like now?

no idea but im sure my meat has PTSD from how many loads ive shot to her.

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yup. i wasnt going to but you know what, for old times sake. heather brooke anal creampie video here I cum.

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the Quads that went un-recognized

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I need a girl like this in my life. Is it possible to train my beta female into an alpha? or is this a base-stat that can't be changed?

Proud of you

Because gets aren't uncommon anymore

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She had some mad skills.

Heather Harmon is her name. She made some videos with her friend Brooke and people thought it was her lastname

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i miss this whore so much

Hopefully still does. Wish we knew

True, but Brooke finds more results on google

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same here

Don't we all, man.

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why cant anyone be as amazing as she was

couldnt resist. memories of my 13 year old horny self finding her vids for the 1st time ever on kazaa/limewire was too much. fuck me I miss her. new material from her would be a godsend. i also remember Alisha Klass. she has 2 or 3 awesome anal pov videos with that fat ass of hers.

Once in a lifetime woman.

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How lovely Kazaa was. Back in the early days of 24kb high speed dial-up

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There were several good ones from that time period. All the amateur porn stars now post directly to pornhub. Was a different era back then. Good memories.

You can train her of course. It is even hotter if you do that with a beta girl. It will feel weird for her at the beginning but she will get the hang of it and dominate you pretty fast. For me its like I said even hotter seeing an introverted shy girl act all dominant and shit

Heather didn't just suck cock. She attacked it.

The life of a pornstar's career is about 4 videos now on average now, literally.

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No an alpha female is a girl that automatically gets submission from her peers. Its those girls that are attractive and know it. You've seen the type, think top popular girls in school or the hot ones in college that you knew would only land with ripped guys with money.

Some call them Gigastacies.

Her site is still up and there are working account credentials out there. Ive gone on there previously and downloaded everything up there.

I cant find recent info on her but rumors

Yeah she just vanished one day and was never heard of again. I would think if she was trying to avoid recognition to start a life she would have pulled the site down or something. But the site is still up and working so someone is renewing the domain and keeping the site up.

Because money

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Deep threat Heather is money. Wasted lots of loads to her. Her big dick husband is one lucky motherfucker.

She is still my main go to.

Have you looked at any porn from 2001 on?
Cause there is way better girls with ebtter tits and arent 40 years old

Yeah there are several current or more recent that i enjoy but something about her just sticks with me. Its probably some nostalgia really but its also just a dirty amateur with her husband so it seems more real and relatable vs the over produced stuff of today. Not saying i dont like the new stuff, its just comfy to come back to her older stuff some times.

who the fuck is this dog face?

I've got entire drives full of nostalgia but saying shes the best option from 2001 with what the girls are doing now who are 18, is asinine

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Ultimate alpha female

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runner up

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Fucking. Newfag. Know your lore.

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