Waifu Monday morning and it's time for school, better run quick or you'll miss the bus

waifu Monday morning and it's time for school, better run quick or you'll miss the bus

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thanks for keeping this thread alive while i was showering

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I'm already home retard. Its almost 6:30

Bro it's already past noon here, and I'm about to go out with family for lunch here shortly.

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well i woke up 1 hour ago so please be patient i'm retarded

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hi there
sorry for not saying anything, i went to bed and forgot to post.

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that's alright, i should apologize because i didnt reply and stuff..
how's your day been so far?

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it's okay, i understand
short and comfy. i'm getting ready to go to class but it starts at 5:30 so i have plenty of time to lounge.
how about yourself? you have fun? playing whatever you did today?

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how was your bed?

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Claimed... Good morning! What kind of house would you build with your waifu in minecraft? I would build a beach house for Olivia to go swimming in the ocean, and a laboratory for her to experiment in.

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Decidedly empty and cold

I would make a grand music hall using a canyon as acoustics

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hi there. i don't recognize that girl, who is she?
i would build Yui a dirt house because wood is expensive and there's only so much money left in my pocketbook.
aw, i'm sorry. would you like me to fix that?

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alright, thanks..
oh okay, sounds good! hope you have a nice day
idk, didnt really do anything today.. hopefully i'll do more tomorrow
i should go to bed soon

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alright, you're welcome
yeah, i hope so! good things are good. i hope you have a ncie day, too
ah, alright. it's okay. i'm sure you'll have a good time tomorrow doing whatever it is that you usually do, or usually don't do?
bed is comfy and good for you, so maybe yes.

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A nice mansion out of end stone for its high explosion tolerance. But it would still look nice.

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It's too late now, but there's always tonight

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yeah, good thing Amazon has same-day delivery, huh?

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thanks, i love it

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i like good things! th-thanks
i dont often do much, no... so idk, maybe i'll figure something out to do, maybe not, i dont know ;-;
i will head to bed now i guess, it's really late.. so goodnight, hope you have a good day

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me, too! they're good to me! y-you're welcome
it's okay, don't worry. you have time to figure that out tomorrow.
sleep well! have a great night and day and stuff and happiness!

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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


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>I would make a grand music hall using a canyon as acoustics
Thats lovely!

>hi there. i don't recognize that girl, who is she?
Her name is Dr. Olivia Octavius, and she is a version of Doctor Octopus from spiderman.
>i would build Yui a dirt house because wood is expensive and there's only so much money left in my pocketbook
You wouldn't punch some trees for your waifu?

>A nice mansion out of end stone for its high explosion tolerance. But it would still look nice.
Sounds very nice. Would it be in the overworld or the End?

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>Her name is Dr. Olivia Octavius, and she is a version of Doctor Octopus from spiderman.
oh, cool! i don't know nothing about spoodermin, sorry.
>You wouldn't punch some trees for your waifu?
well, that response was a bit of a joke...
i would like to build her a cozy cabin in a cold biome because i like the way she looks in winter clothes... but that sounds awfully selfish.

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Pedo >:c

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good afternoon, Kona.
you.... you you...

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Yui! Sorry that I'm late, had to get beer

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i smell spaghetti. am i having a stroke?
yes, you. you know what you did.
about that beer i owed ya. it's me, Barney, from Black Mesa!

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Hello yui

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Thanks barney, here, have this crowbar!
What ya up to u pol tard?

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hello, Kona
Gordon is the one who gets the crowbar, though...
uh... playing TF2 while i wait for my class.
okay, sorry

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Gordon won't need that anymore.. trust me.
Dafuq u playing old shitty games for

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Hi yui

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i like the game. it's fun and i'm relatively okay at it
hi, Kona

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Gutentag yui

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That's not a single word, it's 2 words.
But it's ancient..

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Oh, sorry, i dont speak fuhrer

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Excuse me but it's called "nazi language". Stop being a damn bigot..

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guten tag, Kona
doesn't mean it somehow turned bad after all those years
well, kind of, but i still like it.

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Sorry again, can you forgive my dumbness?

Konichiwa Yui

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こんにちわ, Kona

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Hm.. oh well. I'd rather play card games like Slay the Spire mid lecture or before. Easier to pause.
Yes, Ms. waifu, you are forgiven. You aren't the first to make that mistake after all. It's normal to not know these things.

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i guess, yeah, but i only have one class and there's still plenty of time until it starts

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You know how to speak nazi?

你好 yui


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Somewhat, yeah. Why do u ask?
Still would rather play StS ^^ I love that damn game. It's so fun

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(。)ノコンチャ, Ren
well, you can do whatever you want, i'm not stopping you.
how's that cosplay coming along?

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fug the formatting didn't work
thanks a lot, Wangblows

I would like to speak nazi but i dont know if its to hard to learn...

I dont know what foes that mean but im sure that its true

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it was supposed to look cooler, t-trust me

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show me your cutest Kona

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It's a horrible language.. don't even try.. Only upside it has, you can read dutch.

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I very like this konata

Dutch is for losers, i dont want to know how to read loser lenguaje

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that's very cute!

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That's not nice. I think dutch is cool

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Now you post cutest yui

All cool lenguaje have cool wars, and dutch doesnt have any cool war

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the final stretch is... coming up...
in the end... it was just a bluff;

di---d it e---ven matter?
nothing real----ly matters.
at a-----ll;

[Verse 1]
now-you-tell-me-you-need-me- enough is enough!
i can't keep on living this treacherous lie;
you-have-to-accept-this- and this means goodbye.

[Pre-Chorus 2x]
im free! im free!- im fancy free!
it's your boi 19 to-the-mother-fucking 18- waifus know what i mean.
never-gonna give. this. up.
never-gonna cow---er. down.

never-gonna fall for bitches---
bois on---ly!

[Verse 2]
you-tell-me-you're-okay- but clearly you're not.
my decision is final you-were-just-a-thot.

-i‘ve gone mad.

i gotta go, see you folks later
that's really hard to define because they're all super cute! i really like this one, though

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See you

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ww2 wasn't cool tho, it was kinda nasty

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It was cool until usa won the war :c

Fucking pedo

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>usa won the war
They were on the team that won
But they didn't beat the axis on their own.

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Maybe.. but they've left us nothing but a horrible future.

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Also, weren't you guys neutral in WWII?

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Who is "you guys"?

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Usa exploded bomb and the axis surrendered,
Usa won

At least we arent nazi...

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I love the colors used in this

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I.. don't really get what u are getting at.

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Here, another from the same artist

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and a 3rd for ur trips

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After war everyone became capitalist, if nazis won war everyone would be poor, with capitalism some are rich and some are poor
I think capitalism is better


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Nazi Germany had surrendered long before that.

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I don't really wanna talk about that kinda stuff. I keep as far away from pol for a reason.

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Much appreciated! Mmm mmmm a visual gumbo!

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But they fully surrendered when usa used bomb,
As always usa wins

Oh sorry, i just was trash talking, can you forgiv me?

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Fondue and chocolate land.
Erh.. kind of..?

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They didnt win Vietnam or Iraq

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Yeah, sure. Not like I was mad at you.
I'm not a swiss citizen.. I'm not a citizen of any country.

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Fence sitter.

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Vietnam an iraq are so unstable that even without usa intervention they would destroy themselves

Thankyou, i dont like to make uncomfortable the waifus

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I wanna fuck her while she's sitting like that and punch her face till she starts bleeding and fades out...
Meh.. takes more to make me uncomfortable.

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Then why did we pull out before we had stabilized the situation like we did with Japan and Korea?

Because the Americans are weak willed, and will back down the moment any kind of economic burden is put upon them. You think the Americans could have survived something on the same level as the battle of Britain? Riots would be demanding surrender the moment their cheeseburgers are rationed.

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She's a tough cookie, has reattached an eyeball and other limbs while in combat zones. Sure, go ahead.

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Bro, guess what I'm doing right now.

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What makes you uncomfortable?
Lewd makes you uncomfortable?

Im not from usa, i just was joking, i dont even know the president, sorry

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sentry duty

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