This woman needs an ungodly amount of sperm

This woman needs an ungodly amount of sperm

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You're sick

What a fucking clown

isnt that the president's daughter..?

She's getting enough of her dad's

Yes she does. Just look at those pokies. They're just begging to be pinched.

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Who wouldn't want to smack her tits?

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You are correct she is !
But she is also an incredibly beautiful 37 years old woman who probably need some attention from younger guys.

And who wouldn't want to facefuck her until she tears up?

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actually don’t think she’d be very slutty
however, that other goblin daughter of his is probably like a dog in heat

she reminds me of Phoebe from friends, just as fucking ugly.

Not necesseraly extremely slutty. But she clearly enjoy the looks and she is in her peak sexual years (35-40). Just a nice mom who needs a little more than what she gets.

Preferably of the black man variety

I'd hate fuck her, since she's a LIBTURD and all

I can't even fathom the decadent aromas emanating from her sweety feet.

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Phoebe is gorgeous. You must be some incel. Maybe just stick to looking at pictures of dick instead.

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Who wants to smell my ass?

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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me

Anyone getting hard for her?

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>ywn schmear your bagels with cream cheese made from her milkies

nah man, Monica is the shit. Phoebe is just weird and annoying and not attractive at all. Like you wouldn't facefuck Courtney Cox if given the chance

no thanks,i dont want more trump's in society

You think shes demanding during sex? Like a real gluttonous fuck piggy? I bet she swallows loads for sure

She'd flush your worthless goyim seed down the toilet.

What the fuck! Of course I would! Courtney Cox has that mom bod and face. She's got those wrinkles like a good mom slut should. And those gorgeous veiny feet. God fucking damn, I'de facefuck her from dawn to dusk until I can see even more wrinkles forming on her face from agony.

She's definitely a fuckpig. Just look at that sideboob she's showing everyone.

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Boner city

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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me

Kushner is too busy with politics, also he has a tiny dick and hairy, greasy pubes like his greasy bloodline. She needs these norse genes, look at her, was Anne Frank that stacked? How are these anti-Semitic jokes landing I can do more

daddy trained her young

Shutup and lick my nipples libtard.

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She'd laugh at your low ejaculate volume before wiping it up and throwing it into the toilet and then spraying her highly acidic champagne all over to kill off your swimmers before flushing.

See? How can ANYONE prefer Phoebe over Monica? Fuck nah fam, Cougartown times a million

He trained her well. She knows her worth is only to show off her body. Which is why she goes to the UN looking like a sexy slut for all the leaders to gawk at. They'll definitely be listening to her with those tits.

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Yes mommy

I don't prefer Phoebe over Monica but I'de still fuck Phoebe. If I only fucked the girl I prefer over everyone else, I wouldn't be fucking anyone because I'de need Taylor Swift.

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me later

Lol Taylor Swift looks like the type of bitch to just lay there and not do shit. She ain't shit.

exactly bro
what do you think he did with her the first time?
>made her suck him off
>popped her cherry

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Stop posting this you fucking lunatic FBI bot.

You shut your mouth. Taylor Swift is the type of woman to push me down and step on my face with her stinky toes after a long sweaty concert. She'll make me clean her up so good. I know it.

do you think he video taped any of their sessions? does Donny have a secret porn dungeon full of Ivanka vids?

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Look at those gorgeous legs. So smooth and just asking to be massaged all the way up to her crotch.

>lets women get away with this cuck shit and projects his impotence onto superior men
no u

bill agrees

He probably stores her videos on the same top-secret server he used to store the Ukraine, Russian, and Saudi phone calls where he was treasonous. I bet he gets his secret service to comment on how sexy she is.

Don't you think I look cute tongue fucking your ass with this mouth?

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If this post ends in trips, I will cum tribute her, take photos and send them to her via Twitter or Facebook.

"hey Don, how many times a day to you make Ivanka suck your tiny mushroom?"

Attached: ivanka-trump-2.jpg (1925x3000, 564K) should atleast PM her a dickpic

the age he started playing with her

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the age she started liking it

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Please stop posting pictures of Ivanka with Trump. It's such a turnoff. Only post pictures where she's alone.

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Why is he holding her like she is going to be bouncing on his cock

I wonder who's bbc I'm going to have today? Jared, please use your Jewish powers to get me one.

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Honestly, I would be OK with Trump facing no jail time if the penalty for his treason was forcing Ivanka to take black dick full time for

hes training her to be handled
just like he trained her to swallow every drop like a good girl

imagine her on her knees taking load after load to the face until its dripping down that long gorgeous neck

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And that statue of those two birds fucking right beside them just cements the fact that they love to fuck too.

You're gonna be real upset when he isn't punished for his blatant treason, aren't you? Maybe whatever comes after the failed impeachment proceedings will finally take him down. You guys just keep trying. Someday you'll get that roadrunner.

I like to imagine her in a bathtub full of it, swallowing big gulping mouthfuls of it, trying to drink it all

>Trumpcucks seething

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ist the only he knows how to hold women

This is what she's good for.

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He won't be punished because America is a corrupt country where laws don't apply to people in power or the rich. The fact that you're proud about that and want our country to become as corrupt as Russia is quite disturbing.

Please fuck me with your big cocks

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On this pic she fucking looks like Penny in TBBT.

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yessir, that's what daddy groomed her for

She got a boob job so you guys can all wank to her tits

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god i wanna hump those legs lile a bad dog

Ivanka in 2040. Good luck wanking to this one.

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nah, i like to aim lower

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i wanna kneel before her, jack of and watch my cum drip down her long sexy legs

>so, hey FBI...if youre listening....can you arrange that for me?

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Why did the greatest potus leave her?

He's really leaning into the whole "we're so confident we will be read as father and daughter anyways that I'm gonna grope her ass"