Hey /b I wanna get addicted to nicotine. Stupid I know, I wanna try ciggies, anyone got any advice on starting...

Hey /b I wanna get addicted to nicotine. Stupid I know, I wanna try ciggies, anyone got any advice on starting? Also anyone know any other good ways to get nicotine?

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underaged faggot

No you don't

Kill yourself

Why don't you just burn $100 a week in your backyard and stay healthy?

an hero

>I wanna get addicted to nicotine

Stop spamming these in every thread you nonce

try snus

I think it will be fun

Youd have to buy 10 packs in a week. If your not Chinese a pack should last you 1-2 weeks

I recommend cigars instead. Less harmful alternative.

Thought about that, still get you hooked?

With cig you will eventually feel disgusted and you damage your lungs

>I wanna try ciggies
You end up with tubes in your nose, and you can't walk upstairs. It is an ugly way to die.

because its kewl

It is, very cool

it stinks, is expensive and also it's gay to suck on long objects

No. I'll be blunt, if you want to get addicted to nicotine without all that extra bullshit, the best thing you can purchase is probably nicotine patches, gum, or a vape (sans all the flavor and other shit they put in the canisters). That being said, don't do it - if you want to smoke once in a while, do cigars - you're not supposed to inhale the smoke. Other than that I recommend staying away from those products.

If you value your life and your health, I wouldn't recommend smoking cigarettes. Try weed better.'

Shit with all the chemicals nowadays that weed has, mine as well get high while your at it.With cigarettes you just get lightheaded and after a while you're just smoking for the hell of it. Complete waste of money in my opinion.

>gives self schizophrenia

Vapes seem a good option, still get the feeling of taking a drag, which I also want.

>a pack should last you 1-2 weeks

lol are you joking? lol fuck off

>being so weak you can't make a pack last a week
You don't need to smoke every hour you fuck

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Tell that to someone who's smoked daily for ten years, dipshit. It doesn't get easier. Getting addicted to nicotine "for teh lulz" is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard. You deserve the slow, painful death that comes with it.

I'm not the op retard. I've been smoking for 5 years and still only smoke 1-2 a day not everyone is as weak as you

I had a dream that i smoked a pack last night even through i don't smoke at all. Weird.

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And I don't smoke at all. Why aren't you as strong as me you little bitch?

start smoking retard.

Woah! the same sentence moments before each other

Uhm, actually we do

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


>so here i am hacking tar up all the time~

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It was brave of you to talk to me I don't know what I was doing there explains why you never saw me at a party again

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Stupid fuck just smoke a pack and you're addicted congratulations also underage b&

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get addicted to the better cigarettes

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So many spambots ITT

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holdin' on to lung disease, pretending i am doing fine

Go smoke cock, cheaper, healthier and you'll look just as cool.

My advice, if you wanna "get the tobacco experience" and you're bent on trying it, is to get a pack of Marboro Reds. They're one of the stronger ones. Rip the filter off one of those fuckers and take long drags.

Once you start not getting the headspins and body high, quit cold turkey or you're going to do this for a long damn time.

U Mom have gay

I smoke and lemme tell ya, it's fucking pointless

Marlboro is shit get a pack of spirits

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


Okay mr. smoker. You probably smoke a cigarette a day and tell your doctor you’re a heavy smoker. A real cigarette smoker will typically go through a pack to two packs a day.

Spirits have a kinda spicy taste to them, and a little more drag resistance, probably packed a little tighter, depends on what you prefer. Turkish Golds also have a good flavor to them but they're shorts and I rip all the filters off so they don't get me anywhere.

Smoke weed, no nicotine.

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Yeah but you get that super cool robot voice. And if you’re lucky you’ll have a real excuse to no longer shower, you’ll drown if water gets in your tracheostomy.

smoke weed, or roll your own cigarettes like a man

>you're not a real smoker unless your smoking 2 packs a day
Try again poser a real smoker smoker at minimum 5 packs an hour. Come back when you become a real smoker kid

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me later


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Smoke weed. Tobacco does massive damage to you for relatively little benefit.

you are probably a bigger retard than OP

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Are you fucking gay? I didn’t say 2 packs a day. I said 1-2. The typical smoker will smoke at least a pack a day. Nice bait though.


Copenhagen Snuff

Hes probably young af. I wouldnt smoke a lot of weed if i were him.

I personally wouldn't recommend it, but I enjoy it
>t. nicotine addict for 18 years

Start smoking. Maybe you should bundle it with self-inflicted HIV infection while you're at it.

Yeah yeah whatever poser comeback when you smoke a pack an hour

I quit smoking a month ago, cigarettes is not cool or fun it's enjoyable at its best, if you want to smoke, go for weed or vape

Go for full flavor cigs( for example marlboro red or camel yellows) you’ll just waste time, bitching around with light or ultralight cigs.


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Nigger I just smoked a whole pack in 30 minutes. Now who’s the bigger nigger? Fucking poser ass faggot.


Buy salt nic and a vape ez no cancer

bruh mine just broke. im fuckked


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