Let's get a femboy thread going Sup Forumsoys

Let's get a femboy thread going Sup Forumsoys

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Only if they have a tail, thanks.

dude trying to get people hit by police


not me but threads too slow

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How is that a femboy?

I think I'm just gonna drop some OC selfies

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so its a trap, whatever close enough. dont disturb my wank

you know what? I would prefer if you didnt if all your selfies look like this. I'm not feeling in the mood to be catty this early in the morning.

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thats not a trap are you stupid? thats called a transgender

traps = look just like real biological girls NOT guys like this linebacker wearing lipstick and a wig


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ill post this then you fucking faggot, hop off and go discuss different types of cocks with someone else

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Eww nigger dick

i dont know who you are or where you come from but if youre not going to post lewd selfies then I think we're done here
(̿Ĺ̯̿ ̿)


>posting nigger cocks

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More please

Alright bye then

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give me this cute boi

Definitely breed meat.

Lets turn this into a trap thead

Don't go?

Really fucking cute. Holy shit. I want to make out with you and fuck your mouth.

then do it? what, u need somebody else to contribute? ginger piece of shit

you look like a faggot for some reason

you dont say? get a load of this guy

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Uh, yeah? he is.
Also, I lol'd fucking hard.

Am white as fuck lol
Am just looking for degenerates to know there are people worse than me