How does it feel to know I could kick your ass?

How does it feel to know I could kick your ass?

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meet me some motherfuckin where

Don't feed it
Sage it

Im right next to my piece homeboy, BAG OF BULLETS

weenie arms ftl

Damn bro, those pencil arms would snap like my hard throbbing cock when touched.

Anyway, if you had some stamina (and not those pencils for arms) you would been a worthy opponent. But you know you aint got none of that ...

tits or gtfo

Basically anyone can kick my ass, I'm pretty small.

Probably hits as hard as a waffle in a hen house. You pull those arms from cock dedgin m8?

are you cute thou?

lol by having a heart attack?

I don't think so but idk.

I carry a gun 7 days a week. Come kick my ass please.

If you were to fall down concrete stairs, the stairs would brake

go ahead, I've got nothing to loose

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You have the build of my swollen due to cut heroin uncle B.

What have you trained?

Post penises and bolls

The only kicking you're gonna do is the dust if you eat another cheeseburger.

sure thing tubs

You look like a trumpcuck

I doubt it mate :/

How the fuck can you have such a large torso, but also such tiny arms?