How do you compete?

How do you compete?

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For that? You can keep her

How do you compete?

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Kek, with an education and a career, field hand.

wow he is even thicker than the original


Wow that's a beautiful cock and she's gorgeous as well

One thrust at a time.


I'm nowhere near gay and as conservative as they come, but I want to suck a huge black dong


Said nobody ever

I find it funny that the racist based stereo type is so frequent with people who think they are trolling nazis

For those who dont know supposedly black guys have on average larger cocks because they were bred like we would do cattle back in the slave days basically ones with smaller cocks were see as inferior stock and the ones with larger seen as the superior breeder therefore a higher value "animal" like how we do as I said cattle today and horses so by pushing the narrative you're actually pushing a stereotype born from literally treating black men as nothing more that cattle which is really fucking insulting that you would devalue a black Male to that level

Can you just go suck off your black boyfriend and leave us alone?

>How do you compete?
You just spammed several gay threads in the catalog, and its clearly the dicks you're after while making all these ''whiteboi'' and ''how do you compete'' threads.

Its perfectly fine if that is your gay fetish, but keep it to yourself instead of being annoying. Also, your question makes no sense. We're not competing for the same thing.

Are you autistic? Like you're attacking me because I pointed out that the person trying to shove the "black men have large cocks" propaganda into others face as a pathetic gotcha it actually racist as fuck and you think I'm into black guys?

I'm not joking about the autistic part either I basically said grass is green then you shouted "no the sky is blue" and it has me concerned about you're mental health

Also not with a black guy I'm actually with a swiss girl which is one of the whitest places captain autist

you realize its a white troll right?

By not being a cuck.

>you're mental health

Listen, I'm not judging you for liking nigger cock. It's not a big deal. If I had to be any type of massive faggot, it'd probably be one that sucks gigantic nigger cock, like you.

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Its discord trannies thinking its fun to troll ''le alt right headquarters on Sup Forums''. Sadly, the only thing they're showing us is how mentally ill they are by being so consistent with their spam. No healthy minded person spams thousands of threads.

His reasons for spamming are beyond sexual at this point, its mostly political and anger. A place for him to lash out his feelings by trolling people he views as his opponents.

By sucking dick better than her.

If he calls himself a troll he has really low standards but yea I figured that's whil I emphasized on him being autistic

Funny I'm the one who bashed the OP who is fondly posting black cock you're the one who's attacking me for bashing the OP for it so that would mean you're the one fawning over black cock but it's ok to each his own nothing wrong if you like bbc

That was a really high effort "no u"

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Yea that's why I pointed out his attempt at trolling racists is actually being incredibly racist kind of tears their narrative down when they're the ones committing the act but it's not like they'll ever understand it

Eh not really the person seems a bit slow so I figured it make it as easy to understand as possible so they dont get confused

kek it's the same guy you mongoloid

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I have a job, no kids from other women, no criminal record, and I'm not a crack addict.

I don't

Thanks my guy, who is definitely not a spam bot.

No shit but it's more insulting if you literally talk about him as if he's literally retarded like if you have a conversation with someone make fun of something they believe not knowing they believe it it's kind of an embarrassing moment for them

imagine being this invested in a shitposting competition

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Hold my beer...

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Actually, I think that's a penis.

Doesn't take being invested I just like fucking with emotional retards

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Me too. But it's too easy on Sup Forums.

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I dont consider myself a cuck but since I saw my own sister getting fucked by a bbc I cant stop fapping to that shit. I need help lol

By having a job. By not having a criminal record. By not having AIDS.

>thinking they are not reverse trolling you

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Says me

>thinking I'm thinking at all

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But I am thinking about them TRIPS

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Like this

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the biggest cock in the world belongs to a withe fat man

and it is 34 cm lenght

evrything above or the sam cize is fake

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By being a white bull. Op has a small dick and cant explain why he is insecure so je goes to racial stereotypes. Sad op. KYS