Who knew that a shy little girl with autism would grow up to be such a force on the world stage?

Who knew that a shy little girl with autism would grow up to be such a force on the world stage?

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Yeah. A real force. Corporations and populations are bowing down to her handlers wishes.
Oh wait..

Sup Forums is dead

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This warms my heart like co2 user

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People are strange. Sometimes in a good way

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what does this lead to? i'm too scared to click lol

People are very strange these days. I used to know a girl; she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it... beat her up so bad she ended up at a hospital on Guerrero Street.


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>Easily manipulated potato
>Leftists bow down in awe when she spergs out

Why are left wingers so easily manipulated? No wonder the extreme forms of their ideology are responsible for over 100 million civilians murdered by their own governments in the 20th Century.

>manipulated photo

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Well be watching you

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>man, I pu. later, phono!

I love greata. for she pisses all those stupid assholes even more off, thanks greta, keep going

what a story, user

>a force on the world stage
Shes not as important as you think. Shes been running around bitching and nobody is listening. She has brought about absolutely no major changes in any of the countries shes been to.

could of been anyone, really makes no difference who it is.

Same here. Also, she's hot.

>world stage

you understand that america is not the only place in the world.and even then,only tree hugging libtards care about her

probably because the only countries shes been to are shitty liberal ones

>would grow up to be such a force
yeah, autism is strong with this one

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Well can you!?
Can you hear me user?!
I'm watching you

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>a magazine about guys

>posting some stupid tree hugging liberal on the cover

this is how you know your a cucked country

That's pretty bad, but not the worse of it.
If you haven't yet, check out her family background, especially her mother.
That will answer a few questions on why that child is that much fucked up

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Fake news. Arnie ain't no sticc just yet

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>would grow up to be such a force

Nice try, but we all know the left can't meme, or for that matter force a meme.

The world is too sophisticated for your shallow ploys. Any browser can reveal that these alarmist eco-hoaxes have been going on for at least 50 years.

It has been a standard routine for comedic effect, only an inexperienced schmuck would fall for that old shtick.

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literally who?

the jews

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what do you think her ass tastes like

Her skin looks so delicious

I wanna lick her vegan malnourished asshole

I want to cum on her shoes

They grow so fast its amazing

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you mean a puppet.


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>such a force on the world stage
what? are _you_ mentally ill? bursting into tears, having a seizure or panicking are not super powers, they're things that get you killed

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Nice Edit, now put Epstein in there instead of the other guy

fake and redpilled

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Shes like a genuine cartoon villain

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>makes a bitter psychoanalysis about a little girl writing history

>a little girl writing history
never happened, not happening. you are clearly mentally ill, seek help, stop drinking from your tap

This time next year everyone will have forgotten her name.

>This time next year e
Everyone has already forgotten her name hundreds of times, sometimes up to dozens of times a day, shes a fabricated synthetic persona with absolute 0 organic demand

Anne Frank? Literally wrote history lol

based Greta

Hi there :-)

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Climate potato?

>Anne Frank?
Literally who?
>Literally wrote history lol
Yeah, no

do you even know what literally means you fucking ham sandwich

What force? We've already forgotten about the communist sock puppet. This week it's impeachment.

Yeah hiding in a basement is not exactly the height of human achievement and her unverifiable anecdotes are not history

you are literally too stupid to respond to

Anne Frank played absolutely no part in history, she died without affecting anything, her biggest contribution is in modern era with people riding her name for all its worth

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not autism, fetal alcoholism syndrom

fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, FAS is the most severe form of the problem

but more importantly shes plain wrong and dangerous to everyone thinking climate change is a genuine problem by inciting panic instead of backing sensible solutions like solar/nuclear generated hydrogen and replacing cars, trains, ships and aircraft with hydrogen versions

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Fuck off faggot

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Ah America wakes up again. Its time for me to go to bed

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Found the moron. Anne Frank did not write history you fucking troglodyte, she wrote an account of her life during wartime and genocide (says the kikes). Writing history is a term for changing the world and the course of it, which this sperg has done nothing to that nature; nor will she ever.

Trufax Sup Forumsro

I love seeing all you neckbeards get butthurt over a young girl expressing herself. So much insecurity. Please, keep it up!

she is a "post turtle" she had no qualifications other than being a little girl,

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I want to see her spread her autistic pussy and have an autistic orgasm.

It's the fact that she has the left under her thumb and anything she says is the word of God cause she is a kid, that drives everyone mad. Fuck her, fuck her handlers, and fuck their leftist agenda. Maybe the world needs another mass extinction in order to regain it's former glory. Are you going to deny our planet that choice?!


Can you and your faggot friends stop making 50 greta threads a day.

it's so satisfying how a 16 year old girl triggers white incels

thats the butteriest butterface i ever seen in my life!!!