I believe that black men are, in every way, superior to white men. Debate me

I believe that black men are, in every way, superior to white men. Debate me.

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I agree 100%

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lol everyday these threads

Correct, they are vastly superior when it comes to getting locked up.

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correct, that's why African countries have always dominated the world

Superior at building mud huts and acting like deranged monkeys... Yeah i agree.

>debate me

yeah,how many times has that nigger watched as his white women gets gang raped by muslims.since you know,thats how modern day germany is

I love these threads and am obsessed with jerking off to BBC/whiteboi humiliation/defeat but shit this gave me a solid kek

Fastest man is black

trolls trolling trolls; nobody believes niggers are better, not even niggers

Smartest man is white... Lets see them outrun a bullet... but there is evidence to suggest they can't.



remember the Cold War where the tension between Congo and Nigeria and their huge spheres of influence almost caused WW3

Fuck off OP

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Never met one. I live in a generally nigga free country. I do like blacked porn though, Kendra Sunderland is hot.

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Yes, if you compare Europe to Africa, you really will see the superiority of the black man compared to the caucasian. From the muds huts to Ebola the black Man has really showed its superiority through out history.

Nice troll post OP, kys

Remember when a few black guys crossing the Mediterranean caused millions of butthurt white nationalists to cry on the internet about white genocide and mass replacement?

Shut up white bitch. Let's see what happens when white people number like 300 million and black people number 5+ billion in the future. Then you white boys will be fucking slaves to the black man.

>I believe that black men are, in every way, superior to white men. Debate me.
Of course you do. You're a white male yourself, identifying as a female. Black males are your way of emasculating yourself, hence why you paint them as hyper masculine, and yourself as hyper feminine.

I'm sorry, but you'll never be a woman. Keep dilating and spamming.

>black people number 5+ billion in the future
I hope you are joking.
The world can't sustain the 7 billion people we have now.
The African population boom is a spook.
It looks like you fell for the same right wing propaganda that you pointed out.

At least we can say "hi Dad" or "thanks for the warning officer"

black men are, in every way, inferior. No Debates required

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>Anything that makes white people realize that color-blind leftism is suicide is a spook.

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Explain Africa.

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we're all equal imo

There's no point debating slimy kikes.

Explain why white boys lost in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

explain why nobody knows about this story. even if it's true blacks were to weak to get the story known.

I just don't belive doomsday propaganda that both sides use to manipulate emotions.
Think rationally.
Food production is not growing, we already overuse farmlands.
How can we have billions of more people if they don't have anything to eat?

Furthermore the problem is not migration itself, it's the fact that governments don't do anything to stop it.
Mainly because it's profitable for both sides. The left gets voters, the right gets consumers.
The problem is our system and leadership.

Enumerate the niggers inventions
Enumerate the whites inventions

Because the truth isn't sexy or marketable. The truth is the niggers lost damn near every major military engagement of the Bush War. Rhodesia and South Africa are nigger shitholes today because the west embargoed both countries and made it impossible for the whites to continue armed resistance while the Soviet Union got free licence to arm the nigger commies with surplus vatnik shit. Kikes and white traitors did the heavy lifting, the niggers just recieved a handout victory.

The fuck you talking about? Everyone knows whites lost in Zimbabwe and South Africa, apartheid fell and blacks now rule.

I don’t believe that they are best in every way but I do believe their genetics are better over all and must be propagated into supremacy.