Motor Fur Monday continued!

Motor Fur Monday continued!
post some sexy girls with nice rides!
s/fur thread

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The embodiment of modern Sup Forums

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Can I request a "MILFday" thread? I need to fap after all the bullshit I've dealt with the past week.

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stop it.... get some help

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>as though it wasn't like this from the get go

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>For fucks' sake. SHE keeps me here because SHE needs my help, and SHE thinks she can help ME, but SHE can't understand that I need HER to understand that I can't help MYSELF unless SHE helps ME, and tries to understand ME first. How in the fuck is this so hard to get through your little simian skull? Jesus fucking Christ.
multiple reasons. first, your wording. second, english being my third language. and third, WHY DON'T YOU GET AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT?!
for fucks sake, it's like you're walking around the block and step in the same pile of shit on the same corner every day and every time someone suggests you move around the pile of dogpoop you just keep screaming "but it's right there in the way! what am I supposed to do, move around!?"
but we don't understand you, because we dress in plain black shirts, we stupid fuckheads. how are we so dense?

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I'm sorry, I've been and unclear because I've had a lot of other shit going on too. She doesn't treat me like shit. She's just not very bright, a control freak, and a very misled 75yo Mormon on a ton of medications. I've just bent to her will for so long because I hated living with my crazy mom, and she kept trying to take me away from her because she coddled the shit out of my burnout dad, so I try to help her when I should be helping myself. And I have a counselor's appointment tomorrow because she signed me up for a clinic without my consent 3 years ago, and I'm having to recover after being on a bunch of meds she forced down my throat which made me do a bunch of horrible things I regret, and set me back years of progress, all because of her insolence and ignorance, treating me like a child because she thinks she knows better than everyone. So I apologize, and I shouldn't project her stupidity onto you guys because I know you want to help as well.

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I'm loving these, great character and great artist, thanks

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No problem. It was the fasting thing I could post without having to sort through a ton of folders to hand-pick stuff

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right-o, but she seems quite lively from that description. do you need to babysit her then?

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for fucks sake, shut up.

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ho sorry. thought you were the whiny little bitch.
for fucks sake. shut up.

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Pretty much. She thinks she can do everything herself when she can barely walk bend over or go up and down stairs because of arthritis and a messed up knee, which she doesn't even realize she's making worse by having a horrible diet and overexerting herself. All while treating me like a stupid, useless toddler. It so unbelievably infuriating that I just can't live with her anymore. I have to move out and let her live by herself because if she won't listen to me or acknowledge that she needs help then maybe leaving her by herself will be better for both of us.

Sorry, I didn't realize you had to reply to every post. You could just, you know, not reply if it gets your panties in a wad. But I forget that people like to be angry and annoying sometimes because it's easier than trying to be happy and mind your own business.

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Very goood

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for fucks sake, shut up.

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My dream muscle car right there. The Buick GSX was the baddest motherfucker around, and the best looking imo.


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yeah, it's quite nice.
I wish I could afford an old american muscle car.

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Pretty much need to be rich to afford a decent condition one, or be willing to do all the work to restore one thats totally fucked, and still end up paying through the nose

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Some of them are pretty cheap over here, but obviously they require some TLC if you want them running right. Don't Camaros and stuff go for like $100k USD in Germany? I know it's something crazy because of the rarity, like European cars here. If you ever make it to the US you could buy one and import it for a lot cheaper.

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One day I'll have the money to get my dad's '68 Camaro back, and track down the VIN. I wish I could have seen it in person because my mom and dad have some awesome stories about that beast and their friends' muscle cars.

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>she's making [things] worse by [...] overexerting herself
probably because an old woman feels like she needs to take care of you - in which case going away would solve both your problems, you'd be free of her and she'd be able to calm down.
>I have to move out and let her live by herself
yeah, it's only like the literally seventh time this has been said today. why don't you?
you know, I'm on this guys side now. stop yer whining if you know what needs to be done and are able-bodied to do so.

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Well you don't have to keep replying. You're only doing it to keep yourself busy, like myself.

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do you know if and where it still exists?

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