Ask me anything

Ask me anything.

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Sex. Have you had it?

Why did you decide delivery?

It’s not delivery, it’s Digorno

I missed those days when we where young fags

why publix

Why did you fail so badly at getting them dubs?

I missed your troll shit nigger!

why don't you wear a shirt that fits properly and pull your pants up?

>no tipping
wow, imagine being so cucked by your place of work that you have to literally ask to be paid less

where do you live, man?

Whats your name


why isn't this total catch married?

That no tipping sign reminds me of the "don't feed the animals" sign at the zoo. Seems like a great job op

Who the fuck, and what the fuck user??'??'???'???

literally mentally ill

>Makes and AMA
>Won't answer even once

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Who's not ill??? Define in your own words what is normal in our world today. BZZZZZ

I work at Publix, and was told directly by the highest manager of my store to take any tips people gave me.

Oh yeaaah... i work at the bullshit factory, and they are creating AI's, i'm in that shit, and i'm not talking about AI because i ain't snitch.

can you help me work out wtf this thred is about?

Tf are you writing about kike?

>no tipping please
can a wageslave get cucked / branded in any more of a demeaning fashion?

Shot a nigger yet?

You don't need to know everything.

Poor nigger without the dreams

>You don't need to know everything.
That statement is interesting... what if i know that everyone would react to same way as i expected?