Cuck thread 3

Cuck thread 3
I made this but I couldn't post it because the thread was too full edition
Last thread:

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do her pls

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This isn't a fuck thread, it's a tribute thread. Not the same.

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Fucking autocorrect

trib on kik


Please cum on my wife's pussy and ass

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Looking for bulls to jerk to and comment on my chubby gf

KIK qazplmwsxokn


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She cucked you?

Reposting my story so others may post theirs

>week ago
>gf asks me for a threesome
>doubt a little bit. I don't really like her friend and I also wanted to fuck with the other dude in case we did a threesome
>she tells me I am not allowed to doubt since she already asked him. She sends me screenshots telling him to fuck her and that she would love to suck his cock in front of me.
>I instantly came, and told her I wanted it really bad
>next day I couldn't think about anything else so I ended up grabbing her phone and reading the conversation myself
>she told him that my dick was small but that I knew how to use it.
>she also had sent him three pics of her tits and a full nude masturbating
>I almost pass out when I read that she had wanted to fuck him since they danced at a party and ended up in a bathroom sucking his dick.
>I knew nothing about that but I still came a lot just reading her talk about it.
>she had also sent nudes to her best friend that same day.

God my girlfriend is an absolute slut and I love it. I want to watch her take that cock and a hundred more. I feel so lucky. Pic related is gfs instastory after that party

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How chubby we talking?

Here you go

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I'd tap that

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Her please

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How many guys did fuck her?

thanks dudes

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One of them.

The bride?

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Do me do me

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More? Tits?



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Doing tributes for cute gf kik:bulldickmike

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Tried to make it look like she was kissing it

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What is this? The autistic version of cucking?

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I love it! More for the slut

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Please post more stories and pics

16 before me or I’m the 16th, I forget.

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KIK: jensBWC

monster cock stud, looking to cuck you

She's nearby.

whats wrong user?

nice cock

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She's very hot

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shes hot, more


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Fuck Yeah mate. Love your girl

Don't really have more stories user sorry. Glad you liked it though

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Bulls looking to jerk and trib, kik reeferayylmao4

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Please tribute my wife

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Thank you, she's super sexy

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Anyone have anymore of these saved? BBC tribs pls. I love seeing her tribs spread n saved

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Is my wife worthy?

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Doing tributes for cute gf kik:bulldickmike

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I had trib her before
what's her name?

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Sorry she looks a bit in the dark, this was aboutas good as I could get it, she's got good tits

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Here's a template cucks and use for photoshop

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Holy shit that's hot. More tribs of her please?


He better show her this

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Would love to see more

Has she seen a tribute of herself yet?

She's asking for it

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Fuck yes thank you. Love seeing her like this

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