Brutal wwyd thread. No limits

Brutal wwyd thread. No limits

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Give her hair a protein rich shampoo, exfoliate those split ends and give her a layer cut that would enhance the contour of her face, bringing out the fullness and shine of her hair.

WWYD to my girl?

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force her to diet. choose only one

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Amputate her limbs and make her my living fuck puppet.


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My sweet gf, what would you do to her?

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She's begging to get a hard face fuck.

Break into her room and beat her unconscious. Tie her up and bring her back to my place. Call over a few friends and gang rape her for hours until she passes out and can’t take it anymore. Do this for a few days before bringing her to the side of a road, hogtied and gagged, and leave her there for dead


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WWYD to my beautiful wife?

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You sick fucking monster ....that's just a good doggo.

Sauce for milf

Kekkitty kek kek kek......jew faggot

Shit on her street as a mating call

Yep! My wife

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Wwyd to my ex muslim gf

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