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lol it is just a coincidence though

lmao fucking ching chongs

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I don't get it...

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a merchant is someone rubbing their hands togethe, alternatively someone standing by their shop

it looks like an angry chinesey

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do actual humans laugh at this shit?

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Here you go my bro, and don't forget to thank me


it looks like an angry Japanese merchant

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>See my new chan-board imageboard. (daily updated) Hope you like it.


i dont get it

it's chinese though

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this is the worst YLYL in the history of Sup Forums

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aww yiss!

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same thing

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part 2 of 19, 25 min video


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holy shit what a terrible tread.


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Dear God I lost instantly. For those who don't get it, it's referring to this

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dog d**k

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This thread is fucking terrible.

You did that last night Sup Forumstard

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no, it's a chinese merchant clasping his hands, retard

pic related. it's you.

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you forgot the big nose and the unsuspicious back while they trade

i’m so funneh, i tag all dah post

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She fucking died you know.

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Are the top 2 pics Johnny eyelash?

Weak reddit memes newfaggots

I think you know full well that that image would not be as funny as it is were It not for the common stereotypical depiction of a jew called "the happy merchant"

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Well played

Lick my plate you dog dick


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lol, what a loss

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this dude is married and that pic is so obviously fake. 0/10

hah, guess who created that png :^)

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fake, ned is lefthanded

only less than 5% of Sup Forums threads are hate n1gger.

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Yeah, I get it refers to the Happy Merchant, but how? Do I need to know Chinkish to understand? Is that supposed to look like him? It's not even wearing a yamaha.

Fuck off Jaret - you're not funny and your YouTube channel is full of fail

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hi bb

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