Imig es

imig es
Let's keep this no limits chat going!

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what froum uses /c/ ?

imig . es as the OP said

new channel, old one banned

bump /c/FsNMSZV

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gone again, New link here!

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why do the channels get deleted?

jealous server mods probably

one of the faggots probably thinks hes being a cool troll kiddie

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still this link

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literally... again

yeeted again

/c/hvSu62T new thread

Just died

new thread...

because im following this thread, reporting all of them

xd we r legion guys


thanks! reported

are you unhappy?

inspect us

are you a pedophile?

Kill yourself faggot

I think he is lonely

live and let live.
someone get this lgbtq princess outta here

lol nah bitch

how about you fucking cry about it instead

yes your a little bitch
now off yourself

he's a typical incel.

seems to me ephebophile, which is actually quite normal

it mad because it prefers children

lolllll wahhhhhh

says the raging faggot butt hurt by porn

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Here you go my bro, and don't forget to thank me


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what is "for the lulz" for 500

what is it you faggots say? top kek?

constantly monitoring threads for the lulz?
what is "lonely, bored and/or an incel" for 1000

What it this? I dont understand whay anyone is talking about!
Why are people reporting people, and why are people mad?

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[email protected]

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