Cuck/Tribute thread 4

Cuck/Tribute thread 4
I dedicated an entire thread to it so I hope it's good

Last thread

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The whore made you cum and it's really hot, thank you man!

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Looking for tributes for my wife’s pics
kik here wifelover1984

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plz trib my wife

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please trib my gf

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trip on kik


Anyone have?

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The guy posting this PAWG.. post another I will tribute

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This FB

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No problem! I'm glad I was able to satisfy

Here you are

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Lay it against her clit please.

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Please keep posting her user!

guy with this girl still here?


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If someone can tribute my girl I’ll send it to her and post the reply

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My girl, a tribute would be amazing please and thanks

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Please? And can anyone cum trib on kik? Please. Cravendude11

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I wanna see that reaction

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Any Bulls wanna roleplay? I’ll play the girl and cuck. You choose which of these sluts I play. Kik: its_ya_girl7

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Super hot. Can you guys do her?

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I would but she looks scared and ugly

Cravendude11, does her name start with K ??

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if anyone is looking to get a cum trib of their wife on kik hit me up


My wife is ready for your cocks

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Where the Asians?

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post some nudes. I want to cum so bad.

this pls

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Cum on my gf fat ass?

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My stepdaughter

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my friend's girlfriend's birthday is today, would love for her to get birthday tributes

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you know who she is

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Fuck yes

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Any anons with a Cum On Printed Pics account who can post my gfs picture on there? Or guys with a BBC/big cock who can tribute her face pic. She will be shown the result!!

Kik me annon213

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Here you go my bro, and don't forget to thank me

Has she been shown a tribute of herself yet?

oh fuck nice thanks, able to do a couple more?

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Becca wants to taste some cock, who’s will it be?

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Kik johndough987 for more of her to trib have nudes for people who do her

Dont kik me just asking for nudes or u will be ignored tribs get more

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She loves that fat cock

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She’s seen a few

Nice rack

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cucked father

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