Welp boys this is it...

Welp boys this is it. The girl I've fallen in love with and built a relationship with over several months left me and got back with her pos ex right after.

Why must life be so cruel?

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well you posted a frog so you're probably broken human garbage anyway. so, on balance, i think she made the right decision.

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Wait till it happens after six years and proposal.

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Again with that frog?
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OP didn't deserve her, she better off this way

Did you really loved her or Was.you a emotional dependant?

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In a similar boat to yours, OP. It'll be alright eventually though. It's not my first rodeo. You're just going to need to let yourself feel, reflect and re-evaluate your surroundings.

Also, in pic related, she was not trying to make me remain in the friend zone. She asked ME out 8 months ago and this message was systematically attempting to put me back in it while deflecting blame/fault for her shitty actions.

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>frogposters are scum
>being this new!

She was probably trash and you just liked her because you were booty blind.

Dollars to donuts I'm right.

Good thing you got out of there.

Look at it like this man: half the guys on this website have never had the guts to ask a girl out, let alone the looks to land and maintain a girlfriend. You made a relationship last several months which speaks so much about you. We all deserve love and so do you. Open yourself up to rejection and keep waiting until that special somebody comes along. Godspeed user.

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I remember your thread
I'll answer the same

gg/fpwbjb if you wanna talk about it

Absolutely. Told her I didn't care to be friends, wished her well and haven't heard from her since. The cycle begins again.

It's both shitty and comforting knowing I am not an anomaly. I think sharing my shitshow helps to relate and maybe open a dialogue. Thanks for the continued support, lol.

she had a lot of problems getting over her ex boyfriend when i started talking to her. I tried as much as I could to help her get over him and tried to comfort her when he was acting like a dick. Eventually she got over him (at least she made me think so) and we started dating. She was probably talking to him behind my back, though. This wouldn't have happened if I was a little more protective and overbearing.

I felt a genuine connection over time while just trying to be a good friend. Apparently she must not have really felt the same.

All aboard, friend. Godspeed.