Creamy logs

Creamy logs

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I'm sorry but can anyone explain to me this meme?

Andy Sixx was a character in the 80's british tv show Minder. He ran The Winchester Club and would often serve up logs of his own shit to Terry and Arthur instead of beer and spirits.

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top zazzle user

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Hehe stinky!

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Uh, source?

uh ohhhh!! stinky!! xDD

He's cute. Probably drunk. I kinda want to find him like this in my easy-to-clean tile bathroom, strip down, help him into the tub and clean him after I finish cleaning the bathroom (cause after helping him into the tub I'll probably have it on me too so might as well clean the mess, and then bathe with him before taking him back to my bed so he can repay my kindness).
Oh god, I think I'm a monster.

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man that is so dreamy!!

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No, they're Doritos. You could have them with sauce; a spicy salsa would be nice.

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So. Seven of you max; must be nearly the whole team - which is why you've got to 35 posts and just over the hour.

Hardly an outstanding success, though, and your ability to bump this without new little friends or switching IPs is failing - and why I saged this, to deny you the bump you crave. I know, you'll now start chimping on me with formulaic, infantile responses, but I'm done here. Just wanted to point out how retarded and unoriginal you all are

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