This is pretty accurate

This is pretty accurate

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But which one pleases women more ? HUGE KING KONG DONGS

only the neanderthal women only consider dick size. looks, intellect, money, power etc all play an important part

Okay get a bm that has all the above .. lol yall act like theyre not currently taking over the entertainment industry rn

yes because every woman will tell you that having someone who thinks having a big dick automatically makes you a superior lover ramming his dick against her cervix is the pinnacle of sex

where is the transexual f2m - fake penis fake intelligence?

reminder that the big but not huge 7.5 inch master race is superior to all niggers AND white microdicks

if your dick is less than 7 inches you have a useless baby dick micropenis
if your dick is larger than 8 inches you are an incapable lover and will always hurt your partners with your unwieldy size

7.5 inch master race represent

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Niggers dicks look like shit

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white men contribution to science and humanity is much bigger than those asian robots

Intelligence is function of penis.
IQ= 15 / penis [meters]
So, if you have 15 cm pener, you have IQ of 100.
If you have 10 cm pener, your IQ is 150.
If your pener is 30 cm, your IQ is 50
If your pener is 0 cm (exact), IQ is undefined.

Everything you said is wrong.

True. On average Asians are actually retarded. Especially the Chinese

It is a proven thing that the bigger your dick is the dumber u are

True we do think with our dicks and we use that thinking to impress the dickless ones.

My dick is shy 8 cm, so apparently I'm smart as fuck

Are you?

Whoa now .. dont get mad because you cant even hit a womans gspot bby c;

Anyone have a female version of this?

I agree with this. Sadly finding a man above average is considered rare

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I don't know. Apparently not, because I had to break into my house, just to find out I didn't lost keys and I actually had them in pocket all the time.

See my new chan-board imageboard (daily updated). Hope you like it.

should also add trans m2f : have renounced his intelligence

You’re underage are you

Haha did u guys see some fucking nerd made an awful female version about pubes or some shit and left out niggers

Doesn’t exist

dafuq are you talking about?

Ok yeah whatever op, more importantly where can I find rule 34 of no-penis girl?

I would rather have a smaller dick than an average IQ of 70....Fact!

My cock is 19 cm long and 5 cm wide

OP confirmed incel.

I'm glad you have the internet at least, otherwise you'd have to imagine what tits look like.

Whites and Asians are average four in points so that isn’t even relevant

Get the FUCK off my board eurocuck. This is an American board for Americans only fucko.

Idk, ive seen some pretty average to big dicked asians.

>You Wanted Equality?

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Asians in western countries are smart. Asians in Asian countries are dumber than a box of rocks, just look at all the ching chang rekt videos on here

'BBC' is a myth. Never gone to gym class, played sports, been in jail? It's just more lefty kike racism against whites, from whites. Civil War 2, NOW!

If the jap dick is thick, you must acquit

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As someone with a 9 inch cock. Have you ever heard of partial thrusts?

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Yea right dude. Rando’s with a 8in is believable, but a rando with a 9in? Total LARP.


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>This is pretty accurate

Homeschooled incel detected. You need to get out more, maybe go to public gym and see that the fucking reality is, kid.

prove your 9inch cock and post pics

To be fair even if they did, a lot of guys are growers not show-ers. I probably like small as fuck when im flaccid in the lockerroom.

kek, the mental 12 yos

And per usual, OP is still a giant faggot

Mental? You really have to think about what you're saying, the only thing i was doing was writing cm, what the fuck was the problem, if you just warned me so we didn't need to be like this

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sounds about right

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White = "normal intelligence" ?
Asian = "huge intelligence"

What Asians have ever excelled beyond the GARGANTUAN intellects of the likes of:

Isaac Newton;
Leonardo da Vinci;
Leonhard Euler;
Carl Friedrich Gauss;
Johann Sebastian Bach;
Albert Einstein;
Edward Witten;

If you can name any, please identify which of the above were inferior to the Asian(s) you choose to nominate, also it might be nice if you could name or two that normal people have actually heard of.

Good point, but it still averages out. Just so tired of this shilling...