We dont need all of Texas, bring back the 940 Denton thread!

We dont need all of Texas, bring back the 940 Denton thread!

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Nice, name? I have many Denton hoes but they exceed the file size


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No name from an earlier thread. Another 940 highlight

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Thats not Denton, we can see out the window.

This is

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Didnt she do a set with her sister......cant remember the porn name. Something Rose

I was way off, her sister was Elodie Bang Bang right?

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Idk this one?

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Thats Amanda she is from McKinney, married that dude from the horrible 70's cover band that always plays in town.

UNT Tori B

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from the last 940 thread

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Made a channel

Wheres all the TWU pussy at ?

Ey fuck Denton 832

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We dont need any flannel wearing Subaru drivers ruing a good thing.

We will allow it, she has that Denton flavor

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Nah, theres some fine n thick ones ...

Have a girl named Alexa?

Pretty sure I don't need permission from your nowhere ass town

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Pretty sure we still dont mind.

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Of course you don't there's like six women and a horse living there.

2 major universities bringing in 60,000+ fresh girls every year is not a bad place to live

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It's Denton, remember the briefing.

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I can see from the quality of the thread that's going swimmingly for you user

Would it be weird to post nudes of a dead girl I use to date? I don’t want it to go to waste but still...

In memorandum fap seems like a good way to share the light she brought to the world

You got any twu girls

No fatties sorry

You've must've been looking at the girls from ut by mistake