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Epic singles OP

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Close enough for a faggot

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Fuck you. I thought you were really gunna do it.

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Velly honarubru dubs

they see me rollin' they hatin'...

at least i had the 66

check em niggers

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Just shit my pants

Fucking amateur hour.

only faggots and niggers get dubs

Am I local? Roll


degenerates, behold these dubs

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You all aren't even trying

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It's because I'm hoarding all the dubs

I don't want these dubs

stfu and watch me get niggers

this thread is a travesty

check 'em



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Trips really

no trips yet?
Let's change that

Dubs and I'll stop sucking cock and turn straight. Singles and I'm confessing my feelings to this boy I like

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Check these ones fags

Wish me luck guys

You’re all pathetic

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quads for mods

quads for anal gremlins

Fuck mods

1 away...

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Gotta go through with it now


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check um

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one of the worst dubs threads I can remember.

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poor rate of return on dubs

this is AIDS. Dubs will spread it

this thread is WTC1

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