Who makes the worst gun for the gun / price ratio and why is it Glock?

who makes the worst gun for the gun / price ratio and why is it Glock?

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cuz niggers

Ruger Mini 14.

worst gun/price is kimber
guns don't fucking work half the time, and they look like shit now too

good pick, but it's one of the few M1 action rifles in production now

glock, because its the shit honda civic of the gun world. because everyone seems to have one just because they run, there is a huge aftermarket. most aftermarket shit is only catered to glock and it fucking sucks when you want the same things but dont have the shittier $400 blocky piece of shit that millions of other braindead people get, so you cant have the same mods. the shit is so basic and ugly and shit for ergonomics

>not posting hi point

plus theyre way overpriced when you can get the same gun for 3 times less the price since it isnt a kimber

state your case, glock QC is pretty fucking horrendous
kimber makes a lot of guns, including a 1911 clone that's generally considered bretty gud gun/price>because its the shit honda civic of the gun world. because everyone seems to have one just because they run
look at this shill

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Imagine being killed by a rainbow.

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cheap doesnt mean terrible. it serves the purpose of a great Crime gun but thats about it

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stovepipes like that can happen in any gun

are you saying im shilling for glock?? in no way am i doing that. i cant stand glocks. i appreciate the aftermarket for them but modifications and aftermarket stuff needs to be on the same level for better firearms as well


lol,your probably not american.america is a country of anti gun retards now


tbh,whats better then a glock though? i dont know,ive shot a beretta 9mm before and didnt care much for it.ive actually heard more negatives about desert eagle then i have glock

So much glock hate here. What's the alternative faggots?

depends on where you are honestly, a lot of people are tards anywhere you go, but there is still a very strong gun community within a lot of the states. even in the communist states

but disproportionately glock

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Slap that mag in and rack the slide.

i believe any gun is on a higher standard if it can achieve the same level of reliability, be more ergonomic, and also have some level of aftermarket modifications.

nah,doesnt depend on where you are.just look at donald trump,guy passes gun control and what do people do? nothing,this is how pathetic the country is

either way,im wondering if alot of my hatred for 9mm's come from the beretta i shot.i dont know,i guess i cant say i hated it.it was just "meh"

the m&p's, taurus g2c and new fullsize gen of the g2c, springfield hellcat, springfield xd's ( even tho they chunky af on top ), most 1911's that arent milspec.

LOVE the taurus g2c. Great gun

either way,it was a family member's and im wondering if alot of the reason he bought it is because he was in the army and i guess that used to be or still is one of the weapons they use

beretta m9 i think was the gun he has

was it the beretta 92? tbh theyre alright but there are much better 9mm's out there. even if you hate 9mm there are many other caliber options such as .357 sig, .45, .40 is kinda shit, and 10mm

I've pretty much fallen in hate with Smith and Wesson in the past few years. Was a great company for a long time then just said fuck it, we'll coast off our name and makes unreliable garbage now.
For the past ten years I've seen so many recalls on them that I won't even consider buying the crap they put out.

HK vp9sk

S&W, H&K, SIG though reports are coming through that their latest production runs are starting to come up and needing RMA repairs, Walther 100% and needs to 100% usurp glock's place asap. CZ though they're more on the meh side ergonomically, unironically Hi-Point simply because they're cheaper with comparable QC to glock.

what gun control has he passed that deteriorated the gun community? bump stocks? not really needed. the main obstacle still is the stupid fucking NFA not trump.

Omg that cuuuuttteeee I would bye it off u but I’m 14 lol

my bad, forgot my h&k folks

I hear hi-point is shit

im the main glock hater, and my carry is a g2c. i hate on the glock because i get the same shit and it feels better, shoots easier ( despite trigger ), can run anything reliably for 300 less

lol,how about this dipshit.the obstacle is the 2nd ammendment and not your liberal feelings

trump is a disgrace and a threat to the gun community.its a shame republicans even bothered to nominate him.especially with the outrage they had over obama and guns

it is shit, but thats why people buy it lol its a shit fucking gun but itll shoot 90 percent of half the time reliably.

they don't make those frames any more, the only reason I'd ever buy a glock would be if they still made those frames just for the insta shitposting a SW 'imperial storm trooper' glock.

>state your case, glock QC is pretty fucking horrendous
There is nothing wrong with Mini 14. But for what it is, it's way overpriced. We live in a world with sub $400 AR's, so what's the point of paying around $1k for a Mini 14?

i dont know,i guess i just figured for a first gun that 9mm was probably the best caliber of choice.but i have looked at stuff like .357 sig or .45 so maybe it all comes down to preferance? in terms of .40 caliber ive looked at glock .40's and they seemed kinda interesting

because they can
case dismissed

All guns are a waste of money, sorry

Glocks are simple. Glocks work. Glocks have every accessory known to mankind. They're worth it.


hoooooly shit i dont know what viewpoint you think i have but its far from liberal. im just saying as far as the 2nd amendment is concerned trump is long down the list of people trying to fuck with it hard, The judiciary committee right now is trying to take my and my peoples rights away. which by the way these bills being proposed are from primarily dems. you got your shit twisted if you think me supporting firearms and my own firearms is liberal in any way.

> $400 AR's

lol,dont worry.elect donald trump again and you probably wont even be allowed to own an ar 15.seeing as how his attitude towards guns is and the "pro gun"preaching republicans lack of outrage from his gun control bullshit

You heard wrong. I've had my C9 for 15 years. I've probably put 10,000 rounds through it, everything from the top self ammo to shitty test reloads my buddy did. It's never had a problem with any of it.

you either support the 2nd ammendment or your a commie liberal

if its like that, then i support the 2nd amendment bar none

>are you saying im shilling for glock?? in no way am i doing that. i cant stand glocks
d'oy vey! I'm not a glock shill goyim, can't you see I too dislike glock perfection with literally none of those pesky malfunctions and QC issues that have plagued the platform since the inception of the 3rd generation and can't seem to fix no matter how hard they try or claim they have!
>paying over $500 for this

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>judiciary committee

nope,they only care about baby killin.this is what happens when you stack the supreme court with bible thumpers instead of patriots who care about every constitutional right,not just picking and choosing which ones to defend

Really? What's wrong with the mini? I was thinking about picking one up.

yeah still not shilling for glock, dont understand what i said that meant " glocks are the shit "

yeahhhhhhh, rep from Ohio Jim Jordan speaks on this. check it out to see what is actually going on that isn't currently baby killing.

Minis used to have terrible problems with barrels overheating and warping. They got rid of the pencil barrels for a tapered barrel that fixed it years and years ago, but you'll still hear all the same stories from both boomers who got burned in the 80s and newshits ranting about Garand action inherent inaccuracy while claiming their $600 mishmash AR can shoot .5 MOA (and that they can totally make use of it).

so some right wing moron from a redneck state speaks about it.big deal,how about educated people who will fight for our constitutional rights instead of being redneck morons from republican states like jim jordan

walther p99

>and 10mm

ive looked at that to but ive heard alot of people mention they use it for hunting and im looking for something more towards self defense

PPQ M2 full sized duty carry or home defense, PPQ M2 SC for lardos and winter concealed carry, PPS M2 for pocket carry and these remember lads milspec is code for cheap mass produced shit they shovel onto government contracts.

Wrong, KelTec is by far the worst. Why the fuck do you think Glock? There is a reason almost all police use them, reliability is key, and Glock has that.

Why do you think the blue states will fight for your constitutional rights? They don't give two fucks about your rights, they want election numbers. They will say ANYTHING to be elected and unseat the current administration. Then when they are in control they will not do jack shit for 4 years. This is the truth and everyone knows it deep down.

the gun doesn't cause that
limpwristing causes that

glocks used to be good when u could get them for really fucking cheap. now they're overhyped, overpriced and the go-to fudd carry

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>unseat the current administration

guess who lost the midterms? republicans,want to know why? donald fucking trump.perhaps you pointing the finger at the wrong people,blame the ones responsible for idiot who's been a democrat most of his life that republican morons wanted.not "hurr durr,blue states! democrats bad!"

but go ahead and think red states are gonna fight for your constitutional rights,because they wont either.the trump administration has proven this

Because glock fanboys are willing to pay designer prices for guns out preformed by Hi-Points. The same faggots are usually also AR15 tacticool gear queers.

Have some tits.

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>There is a reason almost all police use them, reliability is key, and Glock has that.
you must be unfamiliar with the near constant RMA's glock has had to provide to consumers and police forces due to defective extractors, take down springs, and guide rod springs that glock has had to provide since gen 3 dropped. they keep "fixing" the problem with each production wave and generation but it's STILL a problem so huge that ten million sub youtubers like hickock45 or colin noir can't even get ones that cycle properly

Nothing. Check out reviews on YouTube

I'm more of a puffy vulva guy but thanks

Nothing. A bit pricey for what you get but they are fun to shoot.

That ain’t a HiPoont

I'm not saying it should be the first choice, buy an AR or AK over that any day. It's just that i like the action and i don't want it to die out :(

Here. Puffiest I've got. I'm glad that my choice of female body parts were our only disagreement.

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I like my el cheapo 1960s Romainian comblock Tokarev. Ball ammo penetrates soft armor and hollow points have plenty of energy. 8 shot but eh.. I figure if it is the weapon of choice for murderous Pakistanis and Afghans it is good enough for me.

That chick has a vag like a premie babies ass.

>combloc tokarev
dear god it's a slav

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please don't bring up babies in that context

VEPR for the win and blasting varmints into bits with extreme prejudice

Your the one that likes weird looking vag. How about butt chin?

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awwww shit i can't remember what that's chambered in. was it 7.62x54r? Or 12 gauge?

different user fucktard.

You can get it in 12 gauge variant but the original is designed for 5.54x45. A long barrel AK74 basically with improved ergonomics for distance shooting. Several importers offer it in
.308 too

Sorry, he has the weird choice in vag. You are just thin skinned


only niggers use glocks, dont wanna get caught with that shit

Its actually XD that makes the worst gun in my opinion. Polymer frame just like a glock but way less comfortable and cheap stamped sheet metal mags that will inevitably bow out under repeated recoil and jam in the mag well making mag changes really hard or even forcing you to buy new mags. At least with a glock the mags are polymer so when they bow under recoil they snap back into shape.

>Cops and soldiers are niggers

>people who HAVE to use that piece of shit mean's it's worth a damn
>people who live off other people's dime aren't niggers

>not dragunov

Holy fuck, it's an AKFAL!

They literally are, though

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iron sights are absolute trash and the action is inherently less accurate than an AR 15 built at the same price but they are really easy to bumpfire and its not like the inaccuracy is enough to make you miss a man sized target at reasonable distance. I do however strongly suggest you mount an optic to it however.

As I said before, there is nothing wrong with the Mini 14. It's just overpriced. It's like paying $50,000 for a Toyota Corolla. It's a perfectly fine car, but you can get so much more for your money.

yeah, i like a cheap AR but the mini 14 also has some degree of quality for the money

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>Says glocks are unreliable
>Plays a video where the shooter purposefully limp wrists the gun
>Shooter holds gun properly for last 2 shots and they go flawlessly

How about you try and limp wrist your favorite recoil operated pistol and see what happens.

They're not bad in gun/cost though

>how the gun still suffers from weak ejections even after handling it properly

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>Hey everyone look at me! I have no idea what I'm talking about!

>implying other guns jam when you limp wrist them on purpose

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