What is b drinking tonight?

what is b drinking tonight?

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gallons of cum


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Just sweet tea. On Sup Forums.

nice absinthe is pretty good but easy to get sick if you over do it.

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yeah, I've been down that road unfortunately and ended up blacking out, then awaking to a 3 day hangover. lesson learned: take hemmingway's advice when he advises to drink several of his absinthe-champagne concoctions SLOWLY. I measure out a shot of absinthe to 2-3 shots of water and drink a few of those over the course of the night, each 90ml glass ultimately diluting to around 25-33% ABV, which I find reasonably easy to control. 70% ABV of 2 30ml shots would be... 42ml of ethanol per night, 2 50ml glasses of standard 40% ABV cognac/gin/whatever would be 40ml ethanol per night and let's say 300ml of 15% ABV wine would be 45ml of ethanol so I keep the total alcohol content around par and I don't get drunk as fast with dilute absinthe than neat spirits.

You, sir, are a booze scientist and I like it.

SKOL vodka. already taking a turn for the worse.

Club soda with lemon
Been sober all september, feel good

:P the water-booze ratio is easy to under or overshoot into tasting like ass and asbsinthe is practically rocket fuel so it's worth calculating and measuring out properly, moreso if you're using distilled or otherwise purified water with no chlorine content or mineral impurities that may affect the flavour, as pretentious as it may sound.

Brass monkey

glad the mods finally got the spammer.

Its a fucking monday night

Water, it's Monday you loser.


5 pints of lager, a glass of wine and 5g kratom tea . Time for bed now

Hennessy VSOP

2 litres of irn bru

Doesn't that stuff make you hallucinate?


No, just more sedating ime.

Don’t have any bourbon or jäger, so just tea ig

7 up with a splash of watermelon juice


twisted teaz

no, that myth basically comes from the early 20th century looming ww1 french mega alcoholism and absinthe prohibition era and then a lot of placebo, folk tales and scientific misinterpretation in the following century. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absinthe#Health_effects

200 ml of vodka deep, feeling like shit thanks to psych drugs thanks jews

Deez nutz

Salty Nutz reporting in

Thank the Jews?
No thanks
I’ll let my Remington special thank them with every ounce of stopping power I can plug the rat Jew face fucks

That sounds like quitter talk to me

Gordon’s is a nice choice

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hoping to drink some dick but grindr is failing me, was supposed to hook up with a guy last night but he bailed on me, no luck tonight either