Lord of the rings is better than Star Wars

Lord of the rings is better than Star Wars.

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no it absolutely isn't and I don't even like Star Wars that much

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Yeah huh

Star rings is better than Lord of the wars.

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More like back to 2010

I’m telling

>Is a book medium better than a film medium.
Fuck off, bait.


no one has ever cared about lord of the rings. I see you advertising netflix, but no one is going to care and your prequel show is going to fail.

there have been a handful of good star wars games, there has never been a good lord of the rings game

LOTR is a shit setting.

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I'll tell on you telling >8(

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Saruon in his prime Vs Vader in his prime. Who wins?

Gonna give saruon some force resistance because magic yo. Gonna give vader some magic resistance because the force yo.

Saruons mace can take a lightsaber hit without being cut but not his armor (it was cut by a sword after all).

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Dear world, Dear Bananas, how about fucking join our childporn discord ?

Does Vader get Stormtroopers and does Sauron get orcs?

Inferior scum.

Star Trek > everythinf

Trek is boring and slow, fight me

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Well, the storm troopers can’t hit anything anyways. So the Orcs don’t have to worry.

>no one has ever cared about lord of the rings

seriously this. it's fucking nerd shit.

How about Harry Potter?

Yeah, but Stormtroopers outnumber Orcs, and they wipe the floor with any character without plot armour pretty consistently.

Lord of the Rings is definitely better by a wide margin, but I enjoy both.

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Oh. That ones easy. Yes and youre a retard mongolid.

get out

it isnt even just nerd shit, nerd shit includes sci fi or philosophy. It's DUMB nerd shit. Magic, wizards and arsepulls, same as Harry Potter. The dumb shit that teenage girls like because there's no logic in it.

No you on crack. But i do like when the lion comes back to life.

I would say no for this match. This is a 1v1 me bro death match.

Vader wins

Not sure how good Sauron would be in a 1v1.

The limits of ppls power were always kinda vague in LotR, so idk.

He's a kind of minor God, but so is Vader, basically.

I'd say Vader in a 1v1. Though Sauron probably wins if he has the One Ring ofc.

No shit Even Reddit would agree with that

this isnt even a question. Movie Vader in his prime dominates 10 or so rebel conscripts with shitty training, and struggles to fight Luke who is just some guy with a lightsaber who had about 15 minutes of training by 2 alzheimer's patients who exclusively lied to him and trained him wrong as a joke. Sauron fucked up entire infantry lines and was never shown to be defeated 1v1 by anyone




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Saurons abilities are a little more specified in the Silmarillion. He could change shape at will and could command magic through the power of his voice; the spoken word being very important in Tolkien's legendarium.

>vader cuts fingers off
>takes ring for himself
>gets curropted by ring
>Saruon wins
>Saruon now has an even more badass wraith.

No shit.

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Though he lost his shapeshifting ability in the downfall of Nunenor, so assuming this is age 4 Sauron we're talking about, he would be cobsiderably weaker.

So, Tolkienfags, riddle me this. How is it that Bilbo was able to wear The Ring for weeks in the Elf King's palace without being corrupted by it, or being noticed by Sauron, who at the time was close by in Dol Gulder?

Because he wore it as a cock ring

Yeah no shit. Star wars sucks dick, even for light fantasy si fi, where as Lord of the Rings is the epitome of fiction as a whole.

i would pay money to read/see this

In Donald Trump's LOTR maybe.

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At least half of the Rings of power were cock rings.

Prove me wrong.

Protip: You can't.

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hard to answer because the hobbit reads like a bedtime story some dad is telling to his kid that skips over random things

75% of Smaug's treasure in the Hobbit is comprised of golden cock rings.

Change my mind.

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I agree completely. Vader could win the duel and lose the war because he's so easily corrupted, as he's proven repeatedly.

nailed it

Depends if Vader's penis was burned off on Mustafar.

If he can wear one extra ring of power it would give him the edge over Sauron.

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pro tip > it was

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I have it on good authority that the Hobbit started out as erotic fiction with a 5-chapter gay sex scene involving Bilbo and Gollum using the One Ring to enhance their sexual prowess.

You're not wrong though,

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I have it on good authority that you started out as erotic fiction with a 6-chapter gay sex scene involving your dad and your uncle using the One Ring to enhance their sexual prowess.

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I have it on even better authority that Tolkein wrote seventy-two full-length books set during the events of the Hobbit where Bilbo and Gollum team up to destroy the anus of you and your entire family.

Sounds kinda extreme to me ngl, but I trust my sources.

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Fully fleshed out fantasy universe vs. a space opera based on a 90 minute Akira Kurosawa film?

I wonder which is better

but consider

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Your opinion is of course... your opinion.

Pre disney star wars wins hands down
Post disney star wars should have never been produced

your sources are foul, or at the very best, only able to provide themselves an income via the services of your anus to the first bidder.

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fight me irl

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Sauron is a celestial being, akin to a fallen angel.

Darth Vader is a "human" cyborg wizard who can't even breathe on his own.

Not even worth the effort. I'm clearly right and you know it

My sources are both reputable and indisputable.

Tolkien wrote over one thousand books about you and everyone you love being subject to Gollum's cruel sexual experiments and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Trek is challenging and deep. Sorry your limited attention only allows you to engage with stunts and explosions.

Kylo Ren is the most well-developed SW character.

You cannot dispute this.

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>Complains about short attention spans.
>Is on Sup Forums.

> thinks things that engage one's brain are "dumb shit"

Oh, the irony

Because Sauron didn't have power then, he was still collecting his power during the time of the Hobbit

and then sam straight up bricks in fobos moufs

Don’t forget all the time spent walking. And walking. And walking. Still walking. Even more walking. Hey a town! Nope keep walking.

Because the power of the ring in the books is far, far more subtle than in PJ's films.

that being said it took only 3 sentences in those tomes to state you are a great faggot leaving me far from reproach.

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Point taken.

He loses when someone has the high ground.

That bird is ur leather daddy.

I know this from book 12,075 of Tolkien's porn webcomic where he draws the real-life story of Gollum using that bird to dominate your anal cavity.

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Who are your people?

TLJ fans, duh.

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The Silmarillion is better than anything

nicely done!

have a pleasant evening!

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3/10 not enough cock rings

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uuh ok thanks I guess

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