What weird shit are you into user?

What weird shit are you into user?

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hypnosis. the loss of control over myself coupled with the sleepy, relaxed, docile, nurturing aspect of trance really does it for me. post-hypnotic triggers with finger snaps especially.

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Fuck off faggot


Findom, blackmail, and any other means of getting money to women.
I can't tell you how many times I've fapped to fantasies of female Indian tech support scammers having their way with me.

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Doxx yourself
We can make your fantasies a reality

You ain't seen shit, son. I recommend you take a stroll through /d/ to really learn the depths and lengths of fetishes.

but no loli:(

Only things related to buttholes. I physically can’t cum to porn with vaginal sex. My ultimate fetish is when people fart while getting their buttholes destroyed. Scat’s kinda weird though


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Fuck machines + sensory deprivation
Here's a good example

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Not anymore for me. I need something beyond shitting dick nipples to get me off.

Hey, fuck off, shill. Stop trying to shut down 4chinz with your nigger shit, you filthy faggot. We don't tolerate your kind here, pedokike

tight jeans

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ewhoring and being a trap. Fucking faggot board made me a faggot RIP

you seem to be lost. Sup Forums is over there.

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you always were a fag dw


How weird are catgirls

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found the real pedo

Please show me your boypussy

Fucked up Discord gg/TkWqWg

Not weird at all, but done properly, it's more than just a girl with cat ears like your pic.

>pic related?

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get on my fucking level lmao

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Are we turning this into a catgirl thread?

/d/ has stagnated into videogame porn and bitching. If you want weird stuff, you gotta wait in the right threads or leave Sup Forums.

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Jokes on you it's 2:47 here

i hope so

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Like this?

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Why, why would I lie?
If I proved it I would just get banned

I don't have it. Just a nekogril i saved

Futa on male. Usually the futa dominating a shota

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Woahhh wtf, I just browsed /d/ for a few minutes and already found more messed up crap than I do here

Oh I see man, also forgot pic

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Now we're getting somewhere

That's my fetish! Glad I share this board with a man of culture

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guro, loli, oyakodon, birthing, some furry, rape, dead eyes. you know, the usual.

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I got a full folder of different hairstyles and shit from this cute lad.
She just too cute

Catgirl thread now

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Abuse, too?

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Dump nigger dump!

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My fetish is moaning of man when sucked/fucked the fuck out by a big woman

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I hear catgirl abuse?

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Penectomy is what I consider my sickest fetish.

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Dump all your catgirl shit

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Closer. Ideally, catgirls should be like cats, slim, petite, and lithe. Cats are known for being small and flexible, not heavy and meaty like cows, hence the anthromorphized versions should reflect this.

>>Abuse, too?
oddly enough ryona for its own sake does nothing to me. like just beating the victim up does nothing, but there is some proper torture involved I'm into it

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I'm expecting an effort of not just this fella and me uwu

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Now there's a thread up for cat stuff

Eh, most things in porn have been done to catgirls.

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I like when they are petite but with a fat pussy

I like vampires as a fetish. A chick biting me hard gets me goin. Being under her control and bein led rather than leading and taking control. A little blood play is fun, but not shark week shit. Menstruation is gross. They know it, we know it, it's nasty.

Cat thread

Sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of reproduction.

Heres one

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Hi there

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I would, but only for a woman.
And that requires a timestamped pussy pic.


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Niiice MOAR, if you have it

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No rules discord:

this is always fun, love tongue deep throats

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Abandon thread

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No please

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Guro, futa, monstergirl, oral(brushing?), pregnancy in the balls, futa on shota, straight shota


Pretty much as taboo as you can get "legally"

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can i get the sauce? looks like doxy but couldnt find shit

dude have you not seen guro yet?

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I'll post a little bit I guess.

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yesh gonna nut in the void!!!!!

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No cube tits, immersion ruined


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I have a few more, but the file sizes are too large.

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youre truly a sick fuck

>Possibly the most horrifying thing ive ever seen
Maybe if youre into slaying
the roach with no mess and fucking
her valiantly

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aaahhhh that suck like all the time i know your pain bro

I'll just post the more interesting stuff I've got that fits.

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My kind sir, the image you have displayed, I find most fanciful, so allow me to do away with this wretched sensibility while I tell you


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Dont think its as weird as most things here, but i really like girls being shrunk out of their clothes

yuri and yaoi


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