Life getting you down?

Life getting you down?
Lets talk about it and maybe we can find a solution together Sup Forums

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Where you from man? Everything good?

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Canada, what about you?

and who knows really

England. How comes you're here and not hanging out with your friends?

Different reasons, its a monday night, they all got gfs, they got shit to do. I should actually do shit too but fuck it. What about you ?

I'm falling in love with vaporwave

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hey boys whats up

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Nothing is up

i can see, it seems dead

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I am dead

Came in this thread for feels. Got gay porn instead. 1/10

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aww, sorry to hear about the feels. what's happenin?

Idk brother life. Would you be here if nothing was happening?

Hello everyone

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fair nough.

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Better one here gg/TkWqWg

This is cute as fuck but its too bad he's mostly a diaper artist, it always disappoints me when a great artist ends up being into piss and shit

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It's been a rather pleasent day.
Nice cool breeze it's a shame to be stuck at work

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im jealous... it's hot at balls in my home

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Well we are usually hot as balls here buts it nice now

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just how hot are balls??

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If you're making a thread for this faggoty shit, might as well post porn from the start so people can know to avoid it.

Sorry about the horses. I have always loved them in porn since I was a kid

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do u got girls tho

ohhh dont apologize im enjoyin them too

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Im in love with someone who doesnt love me back

We've had summers with a 100 days of 100 plus degrees. Good sex and fapping weather though

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that heat is good for sex??? that'd be the sweatiest...

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But i like it.
Specially afterwards.
Then again lived in a desert most my life

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Love make horses the most but I do like the ladies in pantyhose though.

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aw, thats fair. im from the midwest so its always humid here

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Rather have girls fucked by horses but to each their own

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Go fuck yourself.

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ooh fuck i got blue balls i gotta go

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Falling for someone I may never meet, what do?

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Aww. But is it nice any other time of the year

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I hate it when that happens.

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Does this other person know that you love them

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absolutely not, and im not sure i even love them. Just getting a huge crush..

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Nice feet

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Well are at least friends?

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Acquaintances i guess, only known them for a couple months.

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Nice new/old chats. Come and join if ya want fegs.


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