Hey Sup Forums I have a problem, I have no interest in playing video games anymore

Hey Sup Forums I have a problem, I have no interest in playing video games anymore.
I come home from work watch YouTube and go to bed, it happens every day..
I love games like skyrim, fable, breath of the wild I also played RuneScape for a long time.
Do I accept that I just have no interest anymore or can I rekindle my love for games?

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I think you can rekindle it. I do understand the sentiment. Maybe you played too much recently... I'm actually not sure how to give you advice here. Just try different games. Also... maybe put that hobby down for a couple of months or even years, and explore other hobbies. That is probably the best advice.

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Pretty much this, I used to hate isometric games but have been forcing my self to play a few and have been finding a new fun in them. Try something new and different.

You're either feeling worn-out or mildly depressed. If you were to force yourself to start playing, would you put down the controller after a few minutes or would you continue playing?

I have the same problem. I only played games cause of my friends. I got addicted to drugs and sobered up for 4 years now and noone really talks to me anymore. I don't blame them or myself, just lonely. Maybe one day it'll get better.

play the witcher series

Yea, I've had to kinda force myself to play games when I was depressed. Like breath of the wild, at first I knew it would be amazing right away, but just wasn't having fun. But I knew that I would get into the explore-climb-fight gameplay loop so I kinda came back to it once a week for a couple of hours until I got into it and it became a fun relaxing activity.This approach can apply to other hobbies, whether or not you are depressed

Ive had the same issue for the last 5 years. I force myself for even new games I'm hype for and only play 10 minutes. I've finished maybe 2-3 games in the last few years

I have the same problem, newer games to me just feel like boring nonsense, I can't even explain it I just feel like I'm playing a commercial or a gimmick so I've had to just go back to nostalgic oldschool shit I played as a kid. I was playing OSRS a lot but my acc got banned by their shitty bot detection so now I'm playing the shit out of AOE2.

Try to find games that you used to play that give you a nostalgia high

Sounds like maturity is setting in. Do what you want.
Eventually you'll forget you cared so much, and one day you'll come back to them to remember the good ol times. And your interest will return.

Have you done acid recently or started smoking a lot of weed? That stuff will sometimes make you want to go outside instead of playing games.

BoTW is a pretty shallow game as big as it seems. I've been revisiting old games I was too young to appreciate or never played. Playing something 10-15 years later has a pretty different effect.

Losing my friends was one of the best things to happen to me, talking to people was a waste of time.


You're probably not getting rewarded enough for playing the games so maybe the gameplay has stopped being positively stimulating for you. Maybe find a reason to play games outside the gameplay itself? Has the social circle in which you play games changed since you stopped enjoying games?

It happens. Part of it is due to the fact that games these days have to try really hard in order to stay original or unique. Some games rectify that with multiplayer, rogue-like aspects, or attacking the nostalgia nerve.

Give it a rest and try other hobbies for a bit.

Same op. You devoted your life to Vidya gaymez and now the return is social retard-tism and a jaded feeling like things aren't the same or ever gonna be the same. Sad thing is they won't ever be the same and you gotta find new hobbies until the hobby you loved seems more enticing. All there is to it.. go outside for a bit and come back to start

Welcome to being an adult.

Nah but I can't enjoy games with anyone else aside from my childhood friends. I'm not a social person so it's uncomfortable. I prefer single player stuff anyway. It's not as redundant

Same here, OP.
Porn brings me more pleasure these days, but even then porn doesnt really have a grip on me.
I think once youve played excellent games, fapped to degenerate porn, banged desirable females irl, at some point nothing is better, it just seems to be the same or not as good quality.

>BoTW is a pretty shallow game as big as it seems.

I can't really deny that, but I love it all the same. Just enjoying the view and quiet of it is very zen. Not a difficult or competitive game but I've got others for that.

>at some point nothing is better, it just seems to be the same or not as good quality.

yeah everything seems to be very "been there done that" for me

Less playing them with people and more discussing them with people.
Another possibility is that some new factor in your daily life is affecting your ability to enjoy things, which in this case would be games. The root of your lack of enjoyment might not be in the gaming itself.

Called being jaded and is stemmed from expectations being higher than ever before. You think your nostalgia is from years of playing good games and shit but in reality it's the past keeping you from being happy. Let go of the past, accept that it happened and never will happen again, and your future/present will be much happier

It's not like I play everyday. I only play every now and then when I get a chance. Everything new in my life hasn't changed anything because my life was the same before when this started. It's just the few times I actually make an effort to play. I find myself watching them more often for some reason. Not sure why.

Also stop smoking weed. For real you might think games are more fun while high but once you get in a pattern of use you will need it to feel any kind of good anymore

Your life is nothing but games, all of your hopes for happiness are pinned on the childlike enjoyment you got so long ago when life was simpler. Now you want to achieve something and make something of yourself but you're not even trying. You're just going back to video games as though the minor distraction that they really are can become the driving force of your life. It isn't gonna happen.

I had a pretty similar experience recently that I’m just now getting over. The last few years the only games I played were ones like PUBG or Overwatch with my friends. Now a days they are much more interested in sports games which I have 0 interest in at all so I always end up playing alone. So for awhile I’d say the past year I’ve been just mildly depressed and hardly playing anything. Things got better tho when I started more recently playing games I love and ones I wanted to play. Just got done with my replay of Mafia 2 and had a blast....finished the Links Awakening on Switch in two play sessions because I was so engrossed in it. If I have any advice from this I’d say play the games you want to play and have fun because if your not having fun there’s no point in playing. Really, not playing is ok too...find something else that makes you happy for awhile and do that. A few friends and I do a bi weekly DnD campaign and we always look forward to the table top gaming now.