I want to kill myself

I want to kill myself.

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Me too.
Nice dubz

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y-you too

join the club OP. let's see if we can't get more people to be suicidal like us.


Anybody here got a plan to kill themselves?

>be me
>live my life 'til I get kicked out of basement
>have no motivation to move on so I'll kill myself

Same tbh

Did you actually save that gay image i posted in the YLYL thread

But youre cute OP :(


No I’m not fag

Who doesnt lol

no, youre just whoring for attention like the little bitch you are. why lie on internts retard?

Ok simp

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How does it feel to want

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What do you mean

aw im sorry but its true... would kiss on the cheek gently

Male or female?

> the level


Follow your heart, you can never go wrong


lol me female i use Sup Forums so quirky

don't use Sup Forums for attention-whoring, that's just sad, even for this board.

How much to pay you to be in an e-relationship with me, I'm lonely. ;'(


user i


Add me and let's talk about it

i know im not native english speaker but whats there to NOT understand in what i wrote? i said you dont want to kill yourself, you are just whoring for attention. then i asked why you lie to strangers on anonymous image board. and before you ask another dumb question: if you wanted to kill yourself you would do it (or whats more likely you would fail your attempt at suicide) instead of coming here all "hurr durr im so edgy im gona end myself now gib me (You)s". now piss off faggot with your inane thread.

go away foreigner

truth hurts doesnt it? do everyone a favour and actually kill yourself.

Fuck off Ava or is it John?


Then kill yourself

Anyone else gonna do something spectacular before they die? I'm gonna rape my sister.


Stop being a bell end and go for a walk on the beach or the countryside, stop consuming drugs and minimise your social media, go out and actually talk to people in public it may be strange at first but you'll feel much better, start protesting or help a cause, life is what you fucking make it so please stop thinking negative thoughts stay positive, have sex with strangers and hang around with the people who don't put you down, you look like a friend of mine but maybe you just got a friendly face, I'd hug you if I could but what would that do?

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If that's you you have to post tits and timestamp. I'm suicidal myself.



you've clearly never been in such a situation
you're saying it like it's the easiest thing to do


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Try it and if you fail I'll Be Back!

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I have had the same feelings as you. But it wasn't a realization I had knowing that my family would go through pain and sadness over an action I decided to do. No, I knew all along since I was a baby that my family loved me and that alone keeps us all alive. Life is short user. We only get 1 life and if you don't look around once in a while you could miss it.

If you're feeling suicidal you've come to the right place

"yeah, it's SO easy just do it"


what kind of attention seeking faggot starts a thread telling people he wants to kill himself instead of actually doing it. You obviously won't and don't plan on doing it, can't wait to see this thread yet again

>post a half-assed selfie of yourself because quirky and whatnot
>tell Sup Forums you want to kill yourself
>doesn't actually follow up with the procedure to do so
>all that time wasted for nothing and bound to do the same shit again
shut the fuck up

No tits, abandoning thread

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Yes it is easy if you let go of the past and concentrate on your future, you write a list and follow your new life don't let anyone or anything drag you down, anxiety and depression are not on this list so just add laughter and fun instead, goto a fairground today and go on a few rides if you are having negative thoughts the rides may help you find your positive side, return to your innocence and be free from all negative thoughts and emotions, learn to love and respect yourself more

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i've been highly suicidal for 3-4 years and took a lot of drugs, did reduce the drugs now and i'd never consider killing myself just because of misery. IF i'd wanted to tho, i'd want to shock people

This man speaks the le truth.

why do you want to see a male tits? are you fag?

I'm so disconnected from other people/ intoverted, I hate talking to my own brother

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