Hello guys, some of you may know who i am

Hello guys, some of you may know who i am,
it is always me who reacts, for a change, i want to see how do you react, here is me:

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Why don't you post pussy or tits, and then I'll tell you my opinion

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That's you? Post selfie with timestamp /

from behind...

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Timestamp and tits fag

So fkn beautiful, Hot

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I am not a porn star


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Kys nigger ur just some beta cuck nerd pretending to be that girl

Magnolia & Lankershim, whats up neighbor?

you don't need to be a porn star to post your tits. All the empowered independent womyn I know are doing it.

There are always guys around here who know the place?

Little Tokyo, 2nd and Central, whats up neighbor?

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No, I just remember those were the street signs when I was following you that day.

Fucking incels broke B
They will keep writing her in the hope that suddenly she walks up at the front door and turns into some kind of pillow

You fucks need to learn to put hoes into their place


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i see...

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