Old fags get in here. Share wisdom/old Sup Forums stories

old fags get in here. Share wisdom/old Sup Forums stories.

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Don't mess with football

if you have a chance to fuck a hyena, do it, that pussy is fucking wild man

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Don’t get married it’ll only end in divorce

Don’t listen to anyone except yourself

KYS zoomer

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Hal Turner saga, also

you're missing out!

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Ok ew

why the cartoon bull shit when you can enjoy a nice, warm, moist human female

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you're one of those closeted homos, aren't you?

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Sup Forums used to make you feel like you made a difference in the world just by owning a computer. We tracked down a puppy killer. We went to war with Tumblr. We helped the middle east. We did a lot. We did it all because we had good in our hearts. Maybe one day it'll all come back.

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LoL far from it user I'm into Lolis not gay this like this

Also please commit die

K y s

and in between that we got repeating digits and raiding youtube vids. for the lols

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Quit smoking

>used to make you feel like you made a difference in the world
start by killing urself

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this aint gay, thats a female hyena, faggot

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It's fictional bestiality, and you're the living proof that western society is a failure.
At least kys out of shame?

>At least kys out of shame?
i'll think about it user, but i can't promise anything, in the meanwhile, here's another pic

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>this guy gets mad when Sup Forums calls his mom and lets on he's been watching youtube without doing his chores again

Couldn't give a shit if I wanted to user, like what you like just don't rube it in people's faces. I'm into lolis but you don't see me rubbing it.


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but user, pony threads were the best raid of all

yeah obviously, because if you did they would put you in the slammer for being a pedophile scum.

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What is this a bot? Someone getting paid to post this dumbass idea?

>his mom grounded him
don't worry, man. once you turn 26, she'll have to respect you

raiding /mlp/ you mean?

I hope you realize that Sup Forums wasn't the only place where these things happened.
>war with Tumblr
>did a lot
This is what killed Sup Forums.
>good in our hearts

not getting paid, me and my fellow jasiriposters are here to spread the best yeen in existence, the yeen that is the queen of Sup Forums

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not that old but since i was in this thread and called bullshit but then he delivered

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Couldn't be a bot its the usual cancer tier post

OP claiming ID

You should try posting something else

nigga im 34

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>calling my waifu cancer
you better take that back you homosexual.

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like this?

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Go fuck yourself you antihappy shill

Close. Try harder.

no u

Your queen will die within a week so...

Sorry, what user meant was FICTIONAL cancer.
Not that this means it's a more desirable cancer, in fact it's even worst, because it brings to suicide, and sooner or later you'll find yourself doing it!

You sure as shit weren't around.

that makes turning 26 and gaining your mothers respect slightly harder
how are you on string theory?

oldfags? i wish there were any newfags left with all the cancer thats left in here...

>being this insecure
accept that this yeen will forever be the queen, now bow down and suck her pseudopeen.

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i do like strings and sometimes like theories also

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Please stop. You can come back from this.

Sup Forums wasn't only the violent gore faps.
that's just the threads you chose to be in
Sup Forums invented caturday, had and still has comfy threads, used to have cute threads though I haven't seen one in some time, feels threads, people just bitching about their day
the whole range of human experience filters through this board
your narrow insistence on solely engaging with painful demented imagery is only your personal masochism. it's not an indictment of the state of Sup Forums

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you've won me over. I'm never snitching to your mom again

>Sup Forums wasn't only the violent gore faps
No one said that.
>still has comfy
I never said it didn't. Go be retarded somewhere else.

Stop pretending to be a old fag we were here long before tumblr and this place has never been good

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We used to get on the live camera's of different countries and fuck with people, also, user's of that location would often come by the camera or do something requested.

Zozzle once replaced Kek.

Seen a few too many coordinates threads that actually paid in my time. Kinda fucked up but you get used to it.

user I know you wanna make a statement on some fictional thing in your head but saying this will be queen of b is retarded

Also ID:Heaven annoyed the shit out of me. But that was kind of his job.

deny it all you want, i'm just stating the facts user

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>But that was kind of his job
I suspect your being tongue in cheek stupid, but there's the possibility you're not.

It was good before kiddo. I'm only here to fight cancer cause I believe.

check them trips of truth man, the trips don't lie.

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Please do tell what facts have you mentioned?

Traps should be lower down. They are definitely cancer.

You can suspect whatever you wish.

Jasiri is queen of Sup Forums, simple as that.

It's the new faggot flavor of the year.

I've seen things you wouldn't believe. Trips lying off the shoulder of Orion. I watched quads fail in the dark near Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to be an hero.

I suspect the only person that rides a dick harder than your mother is your father

Sure thing, 40%

(Don't forget you can ks anytime!)

you can stop being jealous now guys, it wont help you get hyena chicks.

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Can confirm, my dad rides my dick better than my mother.


I remember when memes started here before they got to other boards. Now anything I think is original here comes from Reddit. I miss pranks, raids, duck rolls, rick rolls...

Most of all newbies would lurk forever before they posted. Today people will post on their first visit without any idea of what Sup Forums is about.

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You're forcing meme so hard. Try to change user. Fueled by anger is a dark path.

Checked, also that battle station is godly

>Most of all newbies would lurk forever before they posted
thinking Sup Forums wasn't a constant stream of fresh newfags is just delusion

jasiri aint fueled by anger, but by love and compassion, sisi ni sawa user

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You're shilling. Stop.

tfw no hyena chick
tfw no chick at all

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ssh. you're seeing the birth of a new autist.
like andypoo and atheistsCanDefineAtheism-chan
this is Sup Forums. let him revel in his aut

boards used to move a lot faster because there werent long ass cooldowns, annoying captchas, and threads were maxed at lower numbers

this made self moderation much more effective, trolls got saged and their threads died. persistent trolls got bombed


i need to boot my ancient craptop up to get old /b stuff

they used to move faster because there were 100x the number of users here
Sup Forums is dead. we're just the beetles chewing the gristle

Alex is kill

Roodypoo. Red guard

No, it's cancer. You fight cancer.

Sup Forumss traffic lowered but last time I saw the 2017 stats it was compareable to 2007 Sup Forums yet about 3 times as slow, its the captchas

Sure it will, I would have legit already blown my brain off if I found myself degraded to the point you're in

What a shitty nostalgia baiting thr...HNNNGGGGGGHHHHH

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The cartoon can't say no.

be there in 5 mins


Mcmotherfucking kill yourself


how does the Sun keep orbiting the Earth?

Because of big black cock