America is like 27% "white" at this point and Europe is mostly black/brown these days...

America is like 27% "white" at this point and Europe is mostly black/brown these days. Please explain to me why video game characters NEED to be white, when there are barely any white people around these days

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third worlder here, i just want to see good looking characters, if i wanted to see ugly people i'd leave my house

It's not medieval Europe anymore either, that ain't gonna stop fantasy RPGs from being made

This right here is peak cuckold mentality.
Hey, would you let me impregnate your wife to have a good looking child?

True for the US untrue for eu


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Weird champ bro lol funny weird face guy

Imagine wanting to unironically look at disgusting mongrels because "Muh Statistics"

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You're confusing that with the US, mutt boy.
>third worlder here, i just want to see good looking characters, if i wanted to see ugly people i'd leave my house


First worlder here. I agree.

Sorry, forgot to reply to you as well

>Representation means white people should make sure inferior races are featured in video games while people of those inferior races can sit on their asses and contribue nothing to video games

Because white people will chimp out whenever a minority character is depicted instead of generic white guy #3028536462.

You're a white guy LARPing as a third worlder. White men literally travel to the third world to have sex with third world women because their own women are fat ugly feminist cows. Shut up cumskin.

Because whites are like the high elves of the human race and literally invented everything from logic to rocketry.

>be chimping out in the caves of Northern Europe for tens of thousands of years
>get BTFO and enslaved by superior southern tan and brown people


Whites did invent everything user. Why are you chimping out in a greentext?

You seem to be knowledgeable about how white men are fucking your women

A fellow shit skin here.
And i agree with this guy

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10 games are released. 9 where you play as a nigger and 1 where you play as a white guy. You can play the 9 and pretend you're having fun and I'll play the 1. Jokes on you, devs, publishers, the entire video games industry knows the 1 will outsell the 9. Now you know the answer, idiot.

Even when there are no white people left they will still be represented as the main characters in media and art. It's just aesthetics.

no one needs to be white
devs should use whatever character they feel like using
white, black, man, woman, tranny, mexican, what the fuck ever.
just make what they feel like, ignore outrage culture retards on both sides

that black guy looks like a fine upstanding gentleman

>Europe is mostly black/brown these days

Whites are now the minority, that's why we need white people in games. It's called minority representation. We need minority representation and diversity. Campaigning against white characters in video games is tantamount to hatespeech and such criminals sgould be fined, or with repeated offences, imprisoned. Diversity is our strength.

Romans were blond, redheads and fair featured like Augustus. Alexander was also a blond and as well as the fair skinned line of Ptolemy. Meds were browned later by arab incursions. Regardless Roman times were surpassed later.

Don't use gootecks for your bait post, swine


White christians are literally the most oppressed minority to have ever lived and they’re currently getting genocided by BBC and that brown guy who appeared in a video game. Enough is enough!

>Europe is mostly black/brown these days.
no it's not
only a few big cities in germany, france, sweden, uk
outside of those it's 99.9% white

Absolutely based

Of course the twitch fag is a nonwhite american, you probably watch xqc too? fucking loser

Deluded amerimutt

time to close this thread

>nogs will not respond to this post

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Explain to me why video game characters NEED to be black just for the sake of forced "diversity"

Most of the people outside the big cities are oldfags. In America and Europe most whites are just crusty geriatrics and boomers. It's not like they play games, and games know their main audience are young people in cities, who are typically non-white, so why shouldn't there be more minority characters?

It must be exhausting centering your entire personality around what skin color you are lol

97% of those were invented by superior hebrew breed.

You're trying desperately to be racist, but you've just added the word "video games" to keep it on this board.
Go fuck yourself.

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For the Australian audience.

explain to me why you NEED to tell others how to make shit?

Give all your food and water to Africans, it's just democracy, there's billions of them and only one of you. Go extinct already.

That wall of autism isn't even necessary. Blacks outside of Africa know exactly how lucky they are. They don't need to wake up in their huts in the middle of the night and run from some warband that wants to kidnap all the villages women and chop the men to pieces.

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Seething turd

>he thinks asians are white

USA is like 40% white and western europe is like 70% white

We're bleaching your family tree. Stay mad.

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because minorities don't play games outside of fifa, gta and cod/battlefield

>warband that wants to kidnap all the villages women and chop the men to pieces.
Literally amerimutt savages around the world serving isra- I mean serving democracy and freedom

Blacks are so fragile on Sup Forums

>White men literally travel to the third world to have sex with third world women because their own women are fat ugly feminist cows.
We use our superior wealth to travel the world, fucking your sister.

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>whites and japs make video games
>jews subvert industry
>now fat white women with dyed hair demand all games be 90% nigger and spic


Are you schizophrenic?

If you've ever been around arabs or indians then you'd know that they are beyond hideous, arabs are orcish creatures and indians look like they're missing chromosomes.
There's a reason whites are desired all around the globe.

Niggers literally think they invented everything and everyone stole it from them.

Because like it or not, the white race is peak beauty and aesthetics.

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>tranny dogfucker thinks women are gross
Checks out

They should holiday in Africa
>oh fuck... this is what it's like when it's just us

What lol

>man-faced pisshairs with mutated hrt bodies are peak aesthetics
Imagine being a Sup Forumsfag and having to convince yourself this is true.

This but unironically. If I see a black guy in glasses - or any race for that matter - I feel safer than if they weren't.

Gotta represent the minorites.

>yet another delusional non-white cope and seethe post

I will play the game no matter who the main character race is

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Dark haired Arab women are still the most desirable in the Arab world you lying homosexual pissnigger. No one wants man-faced feminist sluts, not even your own ’ajmi men, as evident by your obsession with fucking ponies, dogs, men, and asian women.

Why is this terrorist so triggered? Does he not realise he's speaking English? Probably lives in a western country too. Fucking hypocritical brainlet shitskin cunt.

I guess that's why you savages love to come here and rape everything with a hole between its legs (or underage), huh?

You Sup Forums sons of literal dogfucking whores are the ones flooding the internet with your pathetic coping propaganda in order to convince yourselves first and foremost. No wonder only deranged trapsexuals join you. No one else is so obsessed with inciting hatred towards women with another hair colour. Retarded faggots.

Based black man


Insects make up most of the Earth's population, how come they are hardly represented as player characters at all?

Shut up you whingy piss baby and deal with the truth already you fucking pathetic nigger.

lmao those numbers are fucking insane, you are fucking insane, seek therapy cuck

Actions speak louder than words, which is why the shitskins words can be completely discarded. They literally climb over each other to get into western countries and want to pretend like ANYTHING of theirs is superior. The ugliest white woman is more attractive than any of his disgusting women. I'm mad at what a fucking hypocrite he is. We're not speaking Arabic right now.

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Your ilk of dogfuckers are eternally seething as evident by your discord campaigns and shitty race bait threads. I speak your pig language to make you understand that we know how fucking pathetic and homosexual you are.

When i play wolfenstein, i don't want to see any black lesbian as main character. Fuck that shit

Says the tranny pissnigger whose countrymen have raped their way across the entire world and still to this day travels to rape 3rd world women.

>tfw whyyte people started to exist around 12000 years ago
Daily reminder if anything, Egyptains and romans probably brown

This is only true in amerilard, we din't want niggers in our movies elsewhere.

Mexican-American here. I agree.

Hope in every future FPS the starting enemies are dumb white racist hillbilly grunts to act as cannon fodder in the easy levels. Would be cash

The only cash you'll ever grab, niogga

i didn´t even read the entire first sentence and thought finally a little bit of race baiting on Sup Forums. very original.

seething nigger