AOC love thread

AOC love thread

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i love her but you can tell she has that skinny politician body that winds up looking all Pelosi by the time she's 50


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Pelosi looks pretty good considering she's almost 80 fucking years old

She's got pretty big ass titties as well

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literally who?

I'd cum up her poop chute, does that count?

Pelosi got some nice tits though

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AOC got two nice arguments to make me vote for her socialism

I offer my testicles to Queen Cortez!

me too, would do anything for her - hail the godess Queen Alexandria Cortez!

we should go on castration spree for our beloved leader!

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yeah lets cut off the dicks of the leaders haters! and we are only allowed to use our cocks when she needs us

I'd love to see her death.

There's nothing to love but her demise. What an absolute useless cunt.


absolutely. in fact, that's why she became a politician.

true, I never paid attention before. too bad shes old as fuck.

agreed but i wouldnt say no to a titjob from her

Even if it's probably just floppy skin around deflated melons?? I'm pretty sure you can find something better...

God damn you're pathetic... just as wel though, wouldn't want you lot to procreate.

ole nancys melons surely have seen many many dicks before so i would definately try

I don't understand, how does the amount of dicks that touched her tits improve things?

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It’s true

Boomer humor... blechh.

Don’t you have another board to shit up with this z-tier trash memeing?

Post your favorite AOC meme, zoom boy. I want to compare boomer vs zoomer humor and see which I like better.

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That's your fantasy trumptard

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I can fap to this!

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Uh oh got another one.

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she is beautiful and perfect

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yeah but now imagine those titties but covered in the same kin of her hands and neck

so? i wouldnt mind that

fucking virgin btfo

you can't establish justice without violins

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imagine these porto-rican haggers

imagine your cock between them

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