Was he a pedo?

was he a pedo?

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Does it matter? He's the king of pop!

it matters


Just look at how macaulay culkin ended up then u tell me

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We will never know.
Every accusation against him can be interpreted as an attempt to extort money from him, or to gain fame.
So the truth is nowhere to be found.

What's pretty obvious though is that throwing him into stardom at a very young age made him totally disconnected from the reality, and he was emotionaly stunted by that.

he was also severed abused by his father. which I think could lead him to be a pedo

yes and a gay one which is the bad kind

any kind of pedo is 100% filth

>was he a pedo?
I'm old enough to have watched the whole thing play out

There was a point at which he started speaking out against jews, how they control the entire entertainment industry, how they're devil worshiping pedos and murderers. Right after he started speaking out against them is when the accusations against him started rolling in. Jew love to lie and project. They absolutely love projecting themselves onto a scapegoat and then having that scapegoat killed, either literally or metaphorically (ie; career and life destroyed).

He was a weirdo and highly neotenous. There's no doubt about that. But I'm pretty sure he wasn't a chimo.

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no just the gay ones we've already covered this

this is what the song leave me alone could be about? or maybe just paparazzi..

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It was a thing to say he was a pedo after about the mid 90s. I saw him on camera once say "Of course i let kids sleep in my bed with me, it's the most loving thing you can do with somebody." and my friends and i all laughed. You sure, Michael?

Later, though, i've seen people who pretend to be kids or much younger than they are so much, for so long, that it actually changes their thinking. I think he was a musical genius and one of the best dancers ever seen. His wealth allowed him to transcend his race, age and gender. I think he lived for so long pretending to be a kid that having nobody around him to normalize him did his head in.

I don't think he ever had sex with anything in his life.


I'd bet every cent I have that he played around with a little boy at least once. He spent damn near, if not every, night of his adult life sleeping in the same bed with multiple boys. You can't tell me something didn't happen at least once. Have you ever been around a group of pubescent boys?

Frankly... you could tell he was a pedo. He took far too much interest in alone time with children not to be. How many 5 to 7 year olds are you dying to be alone with? Nonpedo adults tend to have a passing interest at best in other peoples kids.

But, regardless... whether he was actually pedo or not, it is very possible that he was taken down by the Jews.

but he had a kid that has his DNA

There isnt any as its complete bollocks.

thats a strong argument but how would you know he spent every day sleeping with kids?

That's an interesting point, in his head I don't think he was a pedophile. I think he thought of himself as their age, hence part of why he was attracted to them.

he literally died of overdose

He admitted it, openly. Also there are plenty of accounts from the people who attended those "sleep overs"

"Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/ Kick me, kike me, don't you black or white me."


When you're dealing with a group that's as tightly knit as jews then you're going to have to look at events and patterns because they do their best to cover up their own tracks. If jews are going after someone it's usually because they've been exposed by that person in some way or feel that they are a serious threat and are able to expose them.

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And? The man had a pet monkey. Money can buy you anything, including a biological kid.

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Rich people can make shit happen. You telling me an asexual dude with that much money couldn't have a wife and kids as a beard?

There's an interview with the Jackson Five where they were asked about dreams. Michael said his dream was to be able to be in the crowd watching them perform. Germaine said "I had that dream! I had that dream i was watching us perform!" and Michael asked "Did we sell out?"

So they were mentally gone even in the 70s. Still talented as hell though.

Thanks for your meaningless contribution.

as sure as OP is a troll

Okay thats fine. What is your point?

obviously fake

given to him by a jew


ok guys just stop with this jew nonsense

you guys are starting to sound like hitler

did Macaulay Culkin ever acuse MJ?

Yeah, anorexia is another version of not wanting to live, mature and die. I think he had a mental anorexia and just decided to be a kid forever.

The stormfaggot in the thread hasn't noticed that Jews only do well where there's a level playing field, in countries where only one family or one tribe owns everything, they don't do well. Antisemitism is a cry against meritocracy, anti-Zionism is just decency.

ohhh thats a strong argument

It's an opinion.

nah, he said he thought the whole thing was bullshit. And if he's not going to fuck a fine fucking piece of shota ass like Culkin I doubt he fucked any other kid.

was he a nigger?

I personally don't think so.

I think he was unintentionally inappropriate because he was borderline retarded thanks to the abuse he suffered as a kid, but I don't think he was a pedophile.

Shit you know good and damned well even if he was how rich those kids got. you jusst mad it wasnt you

Ah, I see that app notified you that people were speaking honestly about the world. So you've come to destroy the conversation and get people to stop living in reality, right? Jews are evil. Anyone who's ever paid any kind of attention throughout their life knows that with absolute certainty. You don't even need to look into their fucked up fake religion to understand that they're evil. But when you DO look into.... oh man. They are literal devil worshipers who are convinced that they are each individually a god and that it's their "right" to rule over the world and turn people into something like the Borg; creatures devoid of privacy, liberty, free thought, and free will

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how can Sup Forums be this delusional

King of popping cherries.

This. Also listen to "They don't really care about us"
He literally says "jew me sue me" and Kike in the song lol. At first I thought it was about whypeepoo but it's about the jews fucking everything for money.

I don't think males have cherries.

Michael never touched boys. Bubbles did, though.

Who cares he's dead. That bored?

Males have cherries on their anus. I like young boys and think of their cherries.

oh yes he most certainly was but considering his mental health i dont think he understood that he was one

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>their "right" to rule over the world and turn people into something like the Borg
You're describing Islam there, buddy.

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R.I.P. Michael Jordan

Loved how Madonna laid naked in his bed, ready for pound town, but MJ goes screaming out!

Heyy!...he was behind of this...?

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no he was a good man.
one of the kids had a psychodad who wanted money so he started everything because he wanted jacksons money.

michael was just a nice guy, thats why illuminati and everything blamed him for being pedo.
to make the world hate him because he said truth

i don't evenr think he had a sexuality. maybe he was curiouse, but he didnt rape and stuff.

both Culkin and corey fieldman never accused him, but they told media that they knew a lot of pedos but no one cared about the other pedos. they just wanted michael to be pedo lol

It was a nigger.

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Dindu nutin fake news

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I actually think he sane and healthier than most of you just rich as fuck

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I absolutely hate people who have your view. "What he did didn't change the music he made." It should. It should all have a different connotation knowing what you know now. That's called critical thinking. Or are you a pedo yourself? Or a pedo-sympathizer? Either way, literally kill yourself.

No me n him used to be pals

Macaulay denies Michael did anything, but you can see it in his dead, glossy eyes. He's got to be self medicating just to keep living the lie.

He ended up pretty normal and well off if you ask me

Here's a video you might be interested in.

Most child stars ,even those not abused end up doing drugs just because their bad with money.. I think MJ was just weird as hell , we will never know whether hes a pedo or not..

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Excellent video.

He was probably a degenerate like the rest of Hollywood. But once in a while a celebrity like him starts running his mouth and starts exposing Satanism in the industry and how Judaism is behind it. Which is what he did near the end of his career. That's when the accusations started. I wouldn't put hit past him but i doubt he did it.

Nah he was set up and a scapegoat for real accusers


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