Yea, i achieved so far literally nothing, yea i know its my fault, i know im stupid

Yea, i achieved so far literally nothing, yea i know its my fault, i know im stupid

today is my 29th birthday and im a looner and a stupid fag

have fun

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fuck you


yes, i samefag myself, even 811522256 is me

this was not a joke, lissen to some prime black metal, as long as you can....

hail vikernes

Posters:1, ok buddy

thank you,´´´´´

Lets play some resident evil user

thank you i even discoverd you can play the normal leon quest whit tofu, but nobody would believe me, and i cant recreate the gamestate....

happy bday user. mine was yesterday and it was p sad. hope yours is better

happy b-day user. I'll be 24 on the 25th and I'm pretty much the same

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maybe not much or even some, happy birthday user in the past (sry my english is shit, but i think you will know what i mean)

Happy bday user! Mine was yesterday, 31!


Um, no.

thank you you 2 real anons, i cant give you much, you 2 even like my depressing shit music, but take this link, even if you dont like it, just ignore it

Happy birthday faggot.

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10 out of 15 Sir

Thank you random user

You don't need to give me anything. Use this birthday as a turning point. Set a goal, achieve it, then set another one, achieve it and so forth. Your quality of life will improve. I believe in you Sup Forumsro!

nice words, thank you

And you're not capable at least drink beer and/or smoke weed on the regular and you'll at least improve your quality of life short term.

Np good luck to you! A list of tv-shows I enjoy that might cheer you up if you've nothing better to do on your bday: Curb your entusiasm, Eastbound and down, Red Dwarf, It's always sunny in Philadelphia.

thank you tooo, mr troll, take this, its a special link only for you

If* you're not capable.

I was actually 100% serious. Forgot to put an 'if' in there though sry.

np, im happy
have fun

other nice black metal

Happy birthday! One more year to wizardhood bro.

thank you random user on the internet

Respect (Yes i samefag my self to be 2 minutes in the fucking charts of /b)

Black Metal (samefag again, dont even try)