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hi Sup Forums
how do i coerce my fresh 18yo kinky cousin into something hot?
Shes usually inclined to hang out with me.

The most we did is just heavy kissing on the cheek and a hickey on her neck, very mild groping and always while she was very drunk.

whenever i go for a kiss on the lips she says that shes not that into me and that we're second degree cousins so it's not allowed.

I'm gonna see her next weekend (gonna hang out at her house's basement, i know. she refused to come at a hotel room with me)

She's usually curious to try and use, but never went past alcohol and cigs.

This time i have alcohol, xanax. weed, hash and cocaine on hand.

Which combination do i offer ? do i have to just try and roofie her? Can i just pressure her into snorting cocaine and try to seeduce her while she's on cocaine high? do i have to roofie her with xanax?

I'm desperate to do anything at all. i think about her all the time

gonna post results. or the one with the successful tip with a kik username will have private message with creepshots if obtained

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get some fcking help op this behaviour isnt normal

hmm let's say i just try to be normal and likeable and we go out for drinks and then when the time comes what do i offer her to try? if anything at all?


how old are you OP

how old do you think? 20 btw, so it's not as creepy as it seems, i'm by every mean her peer

>how do i coerce my fresh 18yo kinky cousin into something hot?
douse with gasoline

Dont rape her you fag. Be a man for once.

>Asking how to rape your cousin isn't creepy

well, due to the circumenstances i would much prefer to do it the right way, if she were to pass out i think at most i would just take a couple of pics

what is heavy kissing on the cheek

send her a text that says 'you look great. i'm always hard' and then say it was a mistake and you actually said 'add emoji heart' but your voice to text fucked up

I heard dropping 5 xanax bars, snorting a big slug of cocaine and then quickly quaffing half a pint of scotch makes a man IRRESISTIBLE to women

imagine making out... but on cheeks

just trying to use them as social lubricants... the most effective way

Tell her how you feel. Don't force her any thing.

Cocaine turns even the sweetest and innocent of girls into frothing cumdemons

Ignore her. Women can smell desperation and you reek of it.

Or threaten her with a spanking. And then follow through.

i kind of did it already. but i'm planning to right now, the best i can... or is it better to just bide my time and to... "groom her" until she loses virginity herself and becomes a thot...

was sort of expecting 35

i ignore her and she ignores me.

Get help, user. She's already said she's not into you and doesn't want to fuck you. Don't rape your fucking cousin

have fun talking to the cops and being labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life

yeah, no, knew her since i was 12

Offer her coke, then tell her again. It does change mindsets

that's all i'm planning to do.. .is there some interaction if we smoke weed or become more inebriated?

Well drugging and raping her is not a thing anyone should consider. The best advice I can offer is unironically seeking mental help to stop your horribly motivated inclinations.

You're 20. You have a hot cousin. Sucks. If you're desperate, set up a camera to keep records. But forcing anything, especially sexual will end up with horrible family implications and possible legal ones as well

does it count if she willingly takes the drugs and after i warned her about the risks?
I usually say "well if you're gonna jump me i'm not gonna stop" and she usually responds with "i'm not gonna jump youno matter what so dont get your hopes up."

but, like... why. i feel like this raises more questions than it answered

i have a cutie 7/10 gf in which i've lost passion, keep that in mind before saying i'm creepy and stuff. i'm just an obsessed kid

Ooo...sounds like she's in the power position. That's not likely to end in your favor. Also if she develops a drug habit and blames you, family be mad

well. imagine being pinned on the wall and just kissing repeately on eachother cheeks... that's just it really.

Get a new gf then. You're 20

i'm just gonna deny everything, plus we're not close

don't rape your family members.

well, point being shes like, 5 kgs too much from average. right now after nuttin in her for over a year i'm craving 5 kgs too few from average

she wont accept drugs u silly. just seduce her u got dis in you boy no need 4 drugs

will try. thanks my man. been going to the gym for a few months. she hasnt seen me since, maybe i will impress her with my newfound triceps

Just act chill with her and not desparate or forceful. Start off with a few drinks and just chat with her. Then when you're a bit inebriated say you've got some coke to sober you up. If shes ever thought of you sexually after a couple stripes she will become flirty and this will be time to make the move. If it goes well you can lie in bed with her in post-coital bliss smoking a spliff.

thats what i've been looking for, thanks my man, would love to hang out w/ you on disc
#trips of truth

You talking her weight?
Average is fat. Year is 2019
5kg less is ideal for Idk some one 160cm or so (5'3")

alright, then shes fat, i want some thin now, the cousin i've been obssessed with happens to be thin, welp

have you like just made out the traditional way -- it's pretty awesome

Pics would be nice..

Yeah. Here is the irony of life: thick girls feel better, skinny girls look better

imagine billie eilish fat, so, um, average i guess
she has a cute face, like, above average.
i'm craving teenage asian girl thin now.

Yes, you making a creepy remark still counts as rape if you drug to get her in an altered mindset to have a better chance at fucking your cousin. Jesus christ stop thinking with your dick for half a second and try to consider the fact that she is verbally against having sex with you. Just find someone who isn't your cousin

Enjoy the small (size) teens while you can. You're 20.

yeah, i know, i've just started being a fuccboy, woke up at like 19, found out that all my other peers started fucc ing teenage girls since 14.

Work on yourself
Body:gym and diet
Mind: education and introspection
Social skills: less time on Sup Forums and more dating.
Girls will FLOCK if you do these

No worries friend. Just don't come across as a chronically horny sex pest, let her feel like she can trust you and you may get lucky. Godspeed incestuous user.

already started uncancelable1 yr membership and didnt miss a day, (3 on 1 off), diet i'm working on, but i got thin-athlethic bodytype.
education i just finished HS, introspection i have work on since i'm borderline aspie.
well, im trying to date, ive since installed tinder and been trying to hit up old classmates.
results so far: girls not flocking yet.

Other than going it to the gym, all of those need a tremendous amount of work to sound impressive.


They don't need to sound impressive.
Thats the thing.
They make you a real man. Build well rounded confidence..which is the most attractive thing to women: warranted confidence

if i succeed 'ill tattoo your last phrase on the bottom of my foot, if you leave a contact i'll send it to you. i guarantee. that's how invested i am

Well no shit, I'm saying he has a long stretch ahead of him, not boasting rights.

I thought you were OP, my bad

All is good, you're just trying to encourage growth my dude.

Yo bro haven't we all love our hot cousins I raped my cousin before she damnn 10/10 she had a tight pussy bro my dick was hard af

Haha ill take your word for it user. Take care bro.

this is some pathetic shit

can you explain?

yeah i've just said she normally doesn't want to