Wwyd to my daugter

Wwyd to my daugter

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How old is she?


would feed her my cum under the breakfast table while we talk about the last game

Tickle her gaped out holes with my moisture missile until she squirted in my face

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Assuming she likes to be tied down, I’d tie her down to the bed and fuck her like there’s no tomorrow with this cock. Make her have multiple orgasms until she passes out.

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breed her

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would finger her during our family movie night and start to eat her out after the movie before you switch the light on.

let her sit on my cock and give her a cream pie while we drink coffe and enjoy moms pie.

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would fuck her pussy with a corncob during the bbq

Too tight for cucumbers and corncobs

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Prove it

then it goes up her ass and i use my tongue and finger on her pussy

Tag team her with you, op

Learn how to Spell

Talk over a coffee and see if we have common interests and chemistry and then possibly as for a 2nd date or tell her to have a wonderful life.

How would you know ?

How would you know?

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Take her out and have fun with her.

you're a truly horrible father

would make her cum in every room of your house and pump two load up her tight pussy on your marital bed

What happened here?

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left lost the game and has to eat the creampie of right out of her fresh fucked ass

They all got drunk and they both fucked her and came inside her, while you were in the next room wishing it was you who fucked her.

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I’d slash her throat and shit down her neck. I’d keep her head in a freezer and skullfuck her occasionally a la Ed Kemper. Bitch looks dumb as fuck. Probably sucks nigger dick.

Nice crazy eyes. Geez. She looks like a fucking moron.