Why is he so hated, Sup Forums?

Why is he so hated, Sup Forums?

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Because he's right, OP.
Also, he rubs them the wrong way because he's on the spectrum like us.
Also, some people hate him because he's rich.
Also, I made this thread like 2 months ago, so wtf are you doing?

Nice one Musky!!!

Because he’s a cunt.
Have you seen a more punchable face?

>he's on the spectrum like us.
He isn't an autist.


>Why is he so hated
Epic level scam artist, literally gets taxpayer money to fund 100% of his every venture

How does he do it!

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I don't think he's hated, but he throws a lot of curveballs professionals don't expect. I think it's mostly related to Tesla. He mentioned the stock price and how it was gonna get there (never happened) and shouldn't have, FEC violation. Now he's trying to squash the car factory from Unionizing, and I don't blame him.

he's done a lot but he's also human and has done some stupid shit. people want him to be the real life tony stark, they can't handle the idea of him just being human.

because like trump he tells the truth.

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He's always struck me, as a media fabrication. Like, every era needs it's great inventor and mind. But this one has done nothing, yet is propped up as a god. They knew this completely fucked education system would produce no great minds. They were also careful to present him as an American in every possible way, but made him South African... Can't take credit for every invention, can we, white America?

Musk at 5y/o is smarter than Trumps entire accumulation of lifes knowledge.

Well after PayPal he started selling glorified Priuses and it all went downhill from there


>But this one has done nothing, yet is propped up as a god.
By 21 he was a pivotal part of paypal and some other web stuff that added up to $2bn in value. You must be very successful if you think thats nothing.

Orange man stupid.

Yeah, it's not like he's
>made an affordable electric car
>built a reusable rocket
>built an interplanetary spaceship
>created Paypal
or anything

Personally I don't like him because his VERY anti-consumer practices and the spergy shit he says on twitter

God is known to answer his prayers.

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You mean like not advertising? Or making high quality products?

Just that Musk's statement is quite a bit more constructive in nature than shouting "fake news" on each and every thing.

>made an affordable electric car
Those cars are over $100K
>built a reusable rocket
Not entirely. And rocketry is cave man tech.
>built an interplanetary spaceship
>created Paypal
Anyone could have done this and they much more likely had a very long nose.

how come he'd looked older when he was younger? That's the hairline, right?

he stopped programming

Hair restoration.

Itt: Trailer trash thinking they're capable of doing anything more than cracking open clams with a rock.


> (OP)
>because unlike trump he tells the truth.

Believe everything you see and hear in this timeline, at your peril.

I mean acting like apple. Blaming the customer when they have quality issues. Not selling parts to customers. Requiring a shop to become Tesla approved:tm: to get any parts or diag equipment. providing zero support to rebuilt and third party repaired Tesla's. Just to name a few

what did he do

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i tried reading can somebody just have sex with the idiots who write online articles please

Model 3 is $35k.
Starship is going to Mars.
NASA is excited about Elon's rockets.

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Take your meds.

Go watch his meme review with Justin Roiland.
I'll wait here.

Hes a liberal Donald Trump

Haha, what does that even mean?
Do you think Trump is a conservative?

Soo...nice one Elon!

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You know he didnt design thos ethings himself, he just funds the research and then claims he is the inventor