Who likes midget ass?

Who likes midget ass?

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Show midget bobs and vagene

you mean who doesnt

who doesnt

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That ass is tight, you got thick thighs?

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I Didn't know I wanted this till now

I would eat that ass like my life depended on it.

Always wanted to date a midget girl. Wonder if the gf would allow a threesome.

That's a disgusting mattress

Haven't been able to get the midget escort i met out of my head for the last 9 years. Met her in a bar. She told me she was an escort. I wasn't down then because had steady pussy at home. Fucked myself over. Major regrets

Fucking quods????


That is some nice midget pussy

any other gonna contribute? f

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interested in her ig?

please tell me one of you has the one vid of the midget giving insane head, its the only attractive midget porn i have ever seen.

rip this thread, im just tryna get sauce on this one vid.

> When you try to draw a sexy & perfectly proportioned women during math class.
Ever wondered why God invented midgets and why so few people own so much more than the rest?

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