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Deer bois plz

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No thread don't die!
Also Hai Everyone ;3

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One more furry server advertisement and im done


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Hi Basil! How are you?

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Hoi Dash!
I'm doing pretty good
Today got paid a day earlier than expected and got some food for delivery a sec ago
How about yourself?

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Getting paid early is pretty awesome

I'm good, managing I suppose

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Good evening

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Well that's decent i suppose. this week been good to ya dash?
Hoi Junebug :3

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No, not especially, but I am slowly setting up my room and bathroom since I'm living with my mom again

true NEET, living in his mom's basement lel

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Currently stroking my 7 inch meaty cock desu

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>moving back in with relatives
I don't see it as a bad thing personally; some people get shit luck of the draw with living conditions and relatives are a good thing to fall back on to get ya on your feet again :D

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It's going to be pretty nice having a full size bed for once

Now I need a cute boi or grill to use it with :p

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Honestly I've had it really bad most of my life, but I'm in a much better situation now. I don't really know how long I'm going to be here, but I guess I'll see. I'd rather just move to the mountains alone tbh, but that's a ways off.

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What have you done to France?

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I've developed a really satisfying habit. I'm almost scared to tell it to people because I'm sure that once they get a taste of it they'll start doing it too.

Only within the past month did I realize that you can crack your knuckles by tugging on the base of your fingers. You can get some really loud cracks out of them doing that and it feels so satisfying. I really don't know how I went my entire life not knowing you could do this. Also, just in the past few days. I started doing my toes too. There's a little technique involves with them and you gotta use a little more force, but they crack just as loud as fingers do. My left middle finger and my two pinkie toes are my best crackers.

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good evening fellas

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That sounds like a great way to get arthritis!

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I've looked into it extensively, there is no connection between cracking your knuckles and arthritis. There is even the story of a doctor who, for over 40 years, would only crack the joints in one hand and not the other and after all that time the health of his hands were identical.

a doctor cracked the knuckles on on hand daily and not the other, after a number of years there was no difference between the hands with regards to arthritis
however, the practice may lead to decreased grip strength, so you probably won't be opening many pickle jars in your twilight years

>popping bones
Love going to a chiropractor
getting your entire body poppin'
turn into jelly

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Hi Luc, what's going on?

I've read that too, but stretching is what fixes joints. Cracking releases built up nitrogen in your joints which makes them harder to move, so it's pretty easy to imagine how never being able to move your fingers if you do it all the time could, you know, develop something that causes you to stop moving. But you do you my dude, it's not like I've had family members that have arthritis because they do that same thing.

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Clearly. If you're doing one area over and over, that's going to cause problems. The doctor was in very good health and probably stretched a lot. It's a stupid story for publicity, and is blatantly wrong if you have any family with history of arthritis because stretching is what prevents it, and popping them keeps you from moving. It's literally cause and effect.

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Going okay

Kinda worried about my cat. Put new flea treatment on her and she is having a reaction. Gave her a bath for it. Seems to be doing better.

Also my power was out last night as well as most of the state due to high winds.

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I mean, I'm a bass player and know these things lol. You don't crack your knuckles before you play instruments. That's what stretching and exercise is for.

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>my anecdotal evidence trumps rigor and observation
>doing something over and over causes problems, so you should stretch regularly
keep up with those essential oils, hun

Sorry about your kitty, but hope she's doing alright. Those flea things are literally poisons, and every animal I've had with the liquid stuff licks it off and makes them sick.

Dang, that's pretty crazy to have nearly a whole state with power out.

Imagine being this stupid and blind lol

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A good half of it was out.

And I know but she never had any reaction to them.

At least she didn't maul me when I gave her a bath.

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I'll crack your guys' fingers and toesies too

For toes, it's best if you're wearing socks. You get a better grip on them.

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Imagine being unable to rebut an argument and replying only in vulgarities and insults.

Have fun with your lack of mobility when you get old

Ah yes, clearly I have no observation as you say, despite mentioning I have family with history of arthritis, as well as them having joint issues, part of which is due to popping them. Go away shill, kek.

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>imagine two b/ro's arguing over popping shit
I'm here for the floof >w>

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Fuck it, I'm being argumentative, I'm sorry.
You come here for a good time, not some shitflinging over popping joints, I'll just butt out.

Right? What kind of idiot argues with logical deduction and a lifetime of personal observation? lol

See ya, rat!

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they've had those ads for years. that one's the least sexual i've seen.

I'm due to get arthritis since I've broken both of my hands so many damn times.

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why do you think stretching/popping joints is a bad thing? do you not stretch and pop those joints in your legs before going out on a run?

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>logical deduction
There is nothing logical about your deductions.
Heck, I'm beginning to think you like arguing for the sake of arguing.

Big oof, I hope you don't.

What's going on dude? I haven't seen you in a while.

No because I'm already healthy and stretch, thus I haven't a need to pop them. That happens when a particular joint is stressed, which causes said buildup of nitrogen, and you'll notice that your complexion in those areas become very red as it isn't getting enough oxygen. Science and biology is cool, huh?!

I do. I love arguing with shills and morons, in hopes that they'll learn something new each day.

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>a small insight
To be fair Dash i knew a bassist with EDS and he popped his shit all day. at least before he'd start playing . kept saying his bones would hurt him too bad and popping helped relieve the pressure

It varies person to person but in my experience i both pop and stretch before anything strenuous

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Been mostly saving money for a house, getting my shit together, working on my marriage and all that kinda stuff.

Unfortunately stopped working out about a month ago, so my confidence as taken a hit. How about yourself?

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Well there you go, they're an outlier thus it affects them differently. I used to do it a lot in middle school, and they always hurt my fingers and made it harder to play when I got home, so I stretched instead. If they pop it's because other connective tissue is weak, and not getting the oxygen needed. Obviously with your fingers curled up all the time, there's a lot of buildup of nitrogen because there's insufficient blood flow. I'm pretty it's even stated among professional musicians to *not* pop them for that very reason, and I'm pretty sure my grandpa said the same his whole life since he did play bass, and gave me his '68 Fender. I remember him saying it pretty clearly, which is why I stopped.

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reee avatar fag

I'm glad to hear you're doing better. I've been wondering about you, and hoping everything has been alright.

I moved back in with my mom, but her and my stepdad may be getting a divorce, so there's that.

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Thanks brother, I find myself wondering what you're up to sometimes myself.

Well, from what you've told me about your mom, a divorce isn't very surprising, I hope the situation isn't too volatile over there.


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I too love arguing with shills and morons in the hopes of educating them!
How's your Sisyphean task going? Mine's an uphill battle.

Can you distrubute more hard blush please?

Nothing, of course. I never do anything interesting, I just post bullshit on the internet.

I don't have any sorta, sorry.

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Man, my brain is not working anymore today. Too much thinking and talking.

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Dude, as the guy you're arguing with, I appreciate the thought and conversation!

I bet you do, user. Clearly you have nothing better to do either!

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I've been pretty much doing the same. Although all I'm doing is burning through hours and hours of WW2 documentaries, or serial killer documentaries.

I've got no clue why.

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It's this or Path of Exile and I'm not quite ready to plug in and tune out just yet.

Sounds like you're upset and depressed, so you're watching violence and death. A reasonable explanation, all things considered.

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You should go play that game then. Obviously you're not interested in anything going on here. You can go kill people and do things in your dumb video game.

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You're right, I just hate Tower Defense League.
Just wanna say that as a Bass Guitarist you have a lot more skin in the game than I do.
You keep rocking you.

Thanks! You should hear me sing, my voice is out of this world.

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Belt that shit out for the world to hear, I hope you're screaming out of my radio one day.

Well I kinda do already. Just not singing. I get my voice out there through the internet because it's a lot easier than music these days, which my stupid generation doesn't listen to anything worthwhile, nor care to look at actual meanings. As long as I speak the truth, I'm doing my part.

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Alas, perhaps one day I'll let others her my glorious voice, and cover Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and the like

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Legit thought I was the only person who did that

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I've been practicing for years, and I still can't sing all too well.

I didn't really get good until I started watching lessons on YouTube a couple years ago. I'm in love with this beautiful woman because she really explains what the vocalists are doing, and how to replicate it, which most "react" videos are basically useless in terms of help.


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I think I get that bass guitar is one of your voices but I hope you eventually get all your talents on air.

More guys in bikinis?

I play the guitar, we should all form a band that will never meet each other.

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Eh, I'd prefer not to tbh. I loathe the entertainment industry. They're scum. That's what soundcloud and stuff is for.

Boi, I've already told you, my folder is totally unsorted.

Sure! We shall call ourselves The Fagnets

because we attract all the gay bois with our gay music

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I play the cymbal and have a van! I'll never show up!

I play the 4-valved euphonium, can I join your band?

So who plays the skin flute?

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