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fuck off OP

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The fucking plot twist lul


it was a setup

I was hoping for a happy ending but the bitch didnt get smacked

That was his mom.

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bumping for interest

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Fight club


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that aint rekt, thats just inspiring

lol the camera man got spooked

they didnt train their upper arm strength

Thats no biggie. Hes only lifting half a man.

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Bumping with random shit for interest

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Reminds me of this hentai comic I read a few years back about a son that was fucking his sister so to stop him his mom let me fuck her but instead he just let all of his friends fuck her .

poasting for the sake of whatever

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Requesting the webm of the passed out bitch getting her face shit and pissed on

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Male privilege right here. All he did was go to war and get half his body weight blown off. Now he shows women up on pull ups at a Spartan race


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I need this with sound. Gotta hear that meaty smack of justice

And all the white women were offended on behalf of every minority in the galaxy.

Fucking lol!

Not saying I like niggers, but I do like the idea of niggers beating on these tubby sjw hoes.

lol OP, you're he one supposed to post them. You start a thread with only one webm ?

redhead got smacked into fucking dabbing on the second hit

play stupid games, win stupid prices

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those women have zero respect

i hope they catch some super aids

First watch I thought the same thing, but I don't think they're throwing their arms up in a huff, I think they were talking about helping each other, like giving one a boost or some shit.

Except the clearly obvious one, she's a dumb whore.

Looks like she was pissed the one-arm man didn't help the wahman out because that's obviously sexist.


Spartan races are hard as fuck, they're supposed to be hard. I don't know why she went into expecting other people to help her through it.. The whole point of DOING a Spartan is to prove that YOU can do it, by your fucking self. Lol She's got no place even attempting that shit, imo.


moar bumps

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This is why having black guys around is handy, those sjw cunts are entitled and feel like they're allowed to hit people because white cucks let them



She got really fat.

Eh, she goes from fat > beached whale > cutie thicc > chubbo all the time. lul Still one of my favorite cum dumpsters, tho.

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Cockroach got raped

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White Anglo-Saxon Protestant versus Turk.

bump for interest

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why not just...let go



Fuck sakes.. I understand white-knuckling in stressful situations, but yeah, this lasts way too long to use that excuse. Lol Wonder if she was attached/hooked onto something?

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I've seen a lot of videos of fights at football games.
My older brother said he's never been to an NFL game where there wasn't violence among the fans.
I wonder if the plebs in the Roman Colosseum behaved the same way.

Just knuckle-dragging, dick-swinging, retarded assholes. At least things never change. I guess there's no hope for the future then.

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She's McFallen

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"My brother told me something!" You sound like such a pussy.

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didn't spill a drip

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>You sound like such a pussy.
can't even green text

should of had bigger boobs

Biggest, most avoidable waste of a life ever?

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California is the only one worried about black outs...

I might be wrong, but I heard/read somewhere there's some fucking nigger bee's called like, Tarantula Wasps(?) or something. They'll attack tarantula's and rip their stomachs or back up, and plant their eggs, or larvae or whatever the fuck, so when they hatch/birth they have shit to eat.

Might be wrong, but this could be one that's confused about the cockroach. And just an ordinary ass ghetto lizard, cuz shit-hole country.

was she expecting it to act same as elevator door?

stupid fat bitches

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Fucking heathens, I swear to god. Lol

I've always loved the look on his face, like he's not enjoying it, it's just the way things are and no one can change that.

The fucking second pie gets me every time.. Most exercise that fat twat has gotten in a long while, just to catch another pie to her chubbo face. Lol

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"Jim, you just had to see it to believe it! For three straight minutes these Hefty garbage bags rippled about, as though they were fighting for something. It was unreal!"

I’d love to see her fall without her shirt on. Just watching those huge flapjack tits flying in every direction would make my year.

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How so? Stoning is a religious punishment. The word you're looking for is barbarians.

This is what a first-person shooter version of the original Age of Empires would have been like...

lol retard stoning is the most religious expression there is

touch her boob while she is unconscious.

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I appreciate you, literary user. Words. They mean things.

All the guys after she passes out

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I see your stoning and raise you a crucifixion.

Can some folks on here at least provide a back story to some of these vids? Nigga please...

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hong kong numba 1

all jobs require male physicality. trueee



Thats what I came to see

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Dobra afera będzie