How much do you think belle delphine could sell her used socks for?

How much do you think belle delphine could sell her used socks for?

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like 5, ten bucks a pair

I asked her exactly that a few months ago and she wasnt interested. Not socks or panties

asked through her patreon?
how fast do you think gamer girl used socks would sell out?

A few hundred per sock. Extra if she still has lingering foot odor on them and seals them. Footfags are desperate degenerates.

would you buy?

how much do you think belle delphine would charge for me to take 1 long sniff of those feet

Yes, i was a paying member of hers on the snapchat level. I asked about worn socks and panties and how much she would want.

Fuck no. Unless I’m paying to duck her and nut inside, she’s not getting my shekels.

How much would you have paid for worn socks?

I used to think my bath water was trash. But now I realize, it's a commodity

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with feet like that how come there's barely any foot pics of her on the internet?

is it because she's like 18

I'd pay $20 if they were smelly.

Contrary to what you fucks want to believe, feet aren’t sexy to the overwhelming majority.

How can he say something so controversial, yet true?

Like plain white ones that she could buy 50 of them for $5, maybe $5 a pair worn for 3 days
If it was better quality and better texture/look $20 worn

$20 for the generic walmart cotton panties
$100 for better quality/sexier worn for a week or a day at the gym

and? if the overwhelming majority decided to jump off a cliff,would you do it also? im sorry that butts and boobs are a more popular fetish then feet but that still doesnt make feet any less sexy to the majority

I dont find feet arousing. But the sweat/pheromones from her feet in them all day is
Same with panties
Dirty worn panties from a day of sweating and leaking are teh best

the fact its been on her body aswell

im confused. is she an eSlut?

One of manh e-thots. Idk why people find her attractive. She has no titties. No ass. Okish face. Her feet are great tho, that's about it.

>Comparing feet to suicide.
Lmao. Anyway, she’s a businesswoman and since there’s hardly a demand, there won’t be a supply.

I can get that. It’s why used panties are high market items. Feet pics aren’t though.


i dont think being an internet celebrity is a job,so no.she isnt a businesswomen

>feet pics arent though

she barely has any of those anyway,to my knowledge

she could make a lot of money off her feet

Yet she makes more money than you do. Sad, isn't it?

Obviously she makes a loy of money off of whatever she does. I'm not worried about it.

i really dont care,she's not even from america and the country she's from is poorer and more ignorant then the one i live in

About 14 quarters.

then again,unlike 95 percent of america.ive never cared about celebritys.both online celebritys and in real life.thats one of the reasons why america is so pathetic

1/5 men 1/15 women it's pretty common

She has tits
She has ass

You're just listening to old stale meme's from her facebook days putting her down before she embraced her size

Her ass is big for her frame and if you like nigger cottage cheese asses you wouldnt find petite girls attractive anyway since you like fat 300 lbs niggers anyhow

There's a chick on Chaturbate who looks almost exactly like her that does some stuff with feet

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She is purposly selling her self as belle delphine she evens says she isnt
But she is doing everything belle does

She does not really look like Belle at all her body is way different
If she has a pink wig on if you squint they look kinda the same but their tits,hips ass and thighs the most, look nothing alike