I wanna be Janeane Garofalo's boyfriend

I wanna be Janeane Garofalo's boyfriend

If you know her, met her, worked with her, or performed with her, share your stories here.

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Oh Look, its this thread again.

I saw The Matchmaker once.

You're here again op? You're wasting time here when you could be beating it to her movies

She was so hot in "Girlfriends Guide To Divorce".

She took a wicked runny shit on my chest after a set she did in New York back in the 90's. We did a shit ton of coke, she did her set and like really killed. We did more coke, ended up in her hotel making out, yadda yadda yadda she took a shit on my chest and we both laughed like idiots

You're fucking autistic dude. If she knew you did this, she'd probably be scared for her life.

She was "Wet Hot" in "Wet Hot American Summer", and its Netflix series.

I mean, I felt the same way 10 years ago. But that was 10 fucking years ago. Stop posting this thread

But why don't you still feel that way?

She has great lips for blowjobs.

Here's Janeane on International Ghost Investigators

Janeane hair/wig stories please?

I actually did meet Janeane once
I owned a bar from 2007 all the way up to 2017
at late 2016 she contacted me on the phone asking if she could do her comedy routine in my show, saying it will bring in more customers so we both profit from it, i said sure, she then went on about this hyena called "Jasiri", calling her cute, saying she would have sex with her if she could, strange woman

I worked with her in San Francisco a few years ago. She had a pretty nasty drug habit.

Very creative

Horrible attempt at fiction.

Because shes 10 years older. Went from lady I want to bang to aunty id bang after some drinks

>Horrible attempt at fiction
You are not the real Janeane Garofalo post guy.

You posted it before, and I remembered.

Mah nigga.


So, when I saw this thread tonight I thought "damn, whata coincidence that I see his thread three times." But given the other comments it seems you post this quite often. No judgement, I'm just genuinely curious... How many times in a week do you start this thread?

Every night. Sometimes twice.

Are you sure the 49ers quarterback swings that way?

That's dedication. Do you think she's seen it?

I doubt it. Somebody claimed she mentioned a wig at a show last week.

i fingerblasted her hairy cooze whilst she knobbed me, shit was cash

I'm sure you've already met her a few times at meet and greets etc. Does she recognize you at this point?

I've never met her.

Exposed whore at



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Oh, I see. Cheers dude. Keep doing what you're doing. You're a pretty interesting guy.

A question for OP. What about her is attractive to you?

I'm not trying to be mean, just genuinely curious what drives you to post this same thread day after day.

she fucked my friend. he was 17

Her, style, her humor, her hair, her lips, her eyes.


I'd give her tits a honk.


Where's the guy that worked on her on "The Majority Report"?

Gross. She looks like a turbo leftist cuck retard. Why would you want that?

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christ not this fucking copypasta again
this board is called RANDOM not REPEAT

Yes I would.

I once got a blowjob from her in an alley behind a club she was performing at in San Francisco.

Tell the whole story.