New celebs :3

New celebs :3

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is this Jordyn?


Delicious Booty :3

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Any Katy Perry lovers?

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I'm a big fan of both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

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ofc. what do you think?

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Both dream girls :3

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I listen to both of them regularly.

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>ofc. what do you think?
%odds she goes full-IggyAZZelas?

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I know exactly what she's thinking

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Hello there

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She wants to be pinned down by a man and impregnated forcefully cause if I'm hard enough I'd do it

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Jesus Christ, OP said "celebrities."
Butterface with shyte body is another thread.

WeeeeWeeeeeweee Suuuuuuuwweeeeeeeeee!

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Moner is a good way to start a Friday.

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Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground


I agree
Dovey would be a good way to end a Friday if you comprendo my hablas

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Sleep well?

I wish Moner would take care of my boner


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How come?

Did you dream you‘re falling forever and then you tried to run away from a monster but you‘ve been super slomo slow and then you tried to fight but you‘ve been super 6yo girl kind weak?

Things keeping me up


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Did horny anons keep you up?

Exciting things, or stressful things?

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No lol

Shitty things
Altho despite a hangover and very little sleep I've been mildly productive actually and think I can get quite a bit more done later too. So fuck it

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>No lol
Not yet, wait until tonight O_O
P.s. leave a window open

I would push a parapalegic into traffic for a sexy Dovey.

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Little sleep always leads to greater productivity, I've been saying this for ages. Sleep is the enemy.
That's good, tho. The productivity, I mean, not the shitty things. It all balances out.

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Always had a crush on her

I normally have my window open but guess I'm changing that now

Who wouldn't?

idk if it's a cause rather than a happy(?) coincidence but I'm not gonna fight it

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Sleep is the cousin of death.

MBB posters wouldn’t.

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Hey, don't ruin my theory. You're not siding with sleep, are you?

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No it‘s cold outside and I get cold easily

I thought we were just talking about humans

I'm sstill on the fence

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he look like a good boi
he deserve a licc

excuse me who is posting my mistress

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Join me, and together we'll have enough free time to be able to rule the galaxy.

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Juno is creepy af

Juno is a total angel who don't need no man, and you are a fool.

She looks creepy

no u

You're creepy.

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Creepy, on my dik

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New JLo. She’s so fucking perfect

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Uh, that's me on the bottom, actually.

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Her forehead offers enough space to land a helicopter.

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god I miss this Katy Perry

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merch went Lil Ari as she was shopping for black
sweve tops!

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Got sammich

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Am I wrong?

What's in it?

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A second sammich
It's sammiches all the way down

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She’s a thiccc piece of fuckmeat for sure

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Little Ari made a thought wowhow well was
these black tops and spread with her hands
so good taste when from behind she felt a
hand pinch her bum cheek full! turning
she stood to a man who said Lil Ari went way with to cross his paths! this at the man Lil Ari merched! merch no was Lil Ari's way towards on his and she was bent bum side up for reaching the bin full of topped wuffles! briters! htat man snuffed, walked off bringing Lil Ari more ware lookings until a minute more later another hand had grimped her right bum cheek! Maybe make it! Looney Lucy, stay way, said a man who hadaccustomed to call Lil Ari a mar cutter, in his way, from where he's head, bugging him! Merch! Lil Ari made a face and stuck out her small pink tongue, made that man his way, and lil Ari had checked out to the doors before a man as she stepped to the doors both his hands grabbed Little Ari's bum cheeks: stay away! staying away girl move out of my way, for slow wattsies turn to the left and make the right the faster way pace! Merch! lil Ari said, she is walking her way, the pace she
sets, and hands off, even to push away, from
Lil Ari's bum cheeks please!~

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Impressive, very nice. How many?

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Gets me hard every time

Love Juno

No, and that's a good thing

Hi! Hey! Hello!!

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user, I want you to fap to this pic of her offering up her asshole to you as hard as you can and let me know when you cum to it, do you understand?

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good lord user! lewd!

Mmm user lewd