Whats your fetish user?

Whats your fetish user?
people judge you because of it? Do YOU judge yourself for it?
How hard it is to satisfy your specific desires?

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my fetish is getting high on meth and going out late at night to find a homeless woman to fuck


Petite alternative girls.
Nah. Nope.
Not really when my girlfriend fits the description.

mine is sexy hyenas that can talk
and no, no one judges me for it, really

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Athletes and anything related to them. The gear, the fitness, the commitment. My dream is to have a bf who plays sports so I can go watch his game and cheer and get worried for him then celebrate.

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Girls with dicks, that’s my fetish


so....you are just gay. thats not a fetish at all


he reminds me of doge

I like vocal, English speaking amateur girls in "real" doggystyle videos

My fetish: CP

Pedal pumping. People on here sometimes judge me but they don't realize how popular the fetish is. Occasionally I get pictures on /flt/ , otherwise I just use YouTube

So you like fucking dead people?

> Whats your fetish user?
Lots of them, mostly related to femdom. If I had to pick a favourite, and a very uncommon at that, I'd go with ponyplay (no dressage, just being ridden).
> people judge you because of it?
No, I don't share this part of me with most people, only the wife and 2 friends know, and they don't mind.
> Do YOU judge yourself for it?
Not really.
> How hard it is to satisfy your specific desires?
A bit hard. Very uncommon fetish, and even if the wife doesn't mind helping, it's still complicated, as you need some space, gear, training...

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i really dont know what this is

I guess more along this lines? Dunno.

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painal, nice and messy

fuck you for even implying that about my waifu

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mommy gf forcing me to wear diapers

Nicee one...Elon.

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Stockings,pants and mainly lingerie

Watching girls press on the gas pedal in their car. It's strange, yes, but if you search on YouTube there are lots of vidyas.

>Whats your fetish user?
Diapers, among other things
>people judge you because of it? Do YOU judge yourself for it?
Other people judge me for it, but I don't judge myself for it. I didn't choose the fetish, I just enjoy it.
>How hard it is to satisfy your specific desires?
Not difficult, I make enough that I can wear diapers daily

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I have a younger sister who I think is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She has dirty blonde hair 34DD tits and a decent ass. But the killer is her pussy. She has the most amazing innie cameltoe. I caught a glimpse in a bikini one day as she came out of the water. Ever since that day all I can think about is how bad I want to lick that thick slit. But for some reason I think it would be so hot to watch someone else get to lick that slit before me; teasing me the whole time.

Anyone interested in rp'ing that or chatting about it leave kik.

you also have a foot fetish then? or are they complete separate things

Sadomasochism and domination, mostly. Anything rapey. I usually only tell women and they usually judge me really harshly, right up until they learn I also want them to tie me up and beat the fuck out of me too and everything is mutual.

The really difficult to satisfy part is the “fetish” that spawned from all of this. I used to be happy with slightly wild chicks who got into this stuff already. But now, now I’m working on a long con lol. Been dating the most innocent, shy girl imaginable for a couple of years now and I’m slowly but surely turning her into a sex goddess dominatrix. I don’t think I could ever go back to the sluts again after tasting the corruption of innocence. You have to work so much harder, but the reward is so much sweeter.

Real cheating. Married women and engaged women especially. Not cuckolding, not hot wifing. Cheating. I like being the other guy. Having them talk on the phone with their husband while I play with their cunt is fucking hot, or cumming on their wedding ring is hot, and then I feel guilty after.

I feel you user, kinda same

You sound mentally ill, go get help for your personality disorder


>Whats your fetish user?
Pretty girls with dogs. No fellatio
>people judge you because of it?
They sure would if they knew, although the wife and I roll-played it in bed a few times - she came buckets
>Do YOU judge yourself for it?
Not at all.
>How hard it is to satisfy your specific desires?
In rea;lity, not many would let me watch. It's a pity places like the site with no mothers did the great faggot clean-up and LEO are more interested. There are still places as long as you're sensible and have a fairly hardened computer

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Nigga, we all know it's about them feet

>no one judges me for it, really
Oh yes we fucking do when you spam this as an alleged "antidote" to all the porn threads.

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I have a fetish for big asses and smelling/licking them. I look at dirty talking fart porn but I rarely get to the point where I’m asking to be farted on. My current girlfriend does it sometimes around me but I know she’s embarrassed so the porn mostly scratches that itch. Eating ass, sniffing ass, fingering and fucking butthole turns me on plenty tho so I’m fairly satisfied with my sexcapades

If anyone knew I’d be public enemy number 1

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Getting stoned and licking masseuse Asian girl feet

Fart fetish
My wife is the only one that knows and she doesn’t judge me for it
I don’t really get down on myself, people like weirder things
My wife tries to satisfy it but obviously it’s very unpredictable so it’s tough

You sound like you like pain, require power, and enjoy molding and manipulating someone unsuspecting into how you see fit. You're a fuckin parasitical faggot and should be shot for being a degenerate with some genetic defects. I am also a degenerate but with less concerning genetic defects. Go to hell.

yeah I have a foot fetish. I just mostly get off to girls driving. It's so odd when you think about it. Luckily I can volunteer to sit in the back seat and watch a girl drive. Sometimes sneak pictures.

Girls drinking piss. Others don't judge cause others don't know. I my the wife knows. She makes it possible though. Let's me piss on her body and in hair. I piss inside her and fuck her full. She's started letting me piss in her cocktails. Just won't let me strait on her face or directly in to her mouth. Working to slowly change that.

That’s a lot of baseless assumptions that have nothing to do with me or my relationship lol. She’s well aware of everything. Do you have some kind of baggage that makes you hyper-sensitive to this stuff, or are you just a stupid asshole who wants somebody to be mean to?

Exposed ankles, summer dresses, skirts, socks and foxtail. I don't judge myself, others I don't care about. And my girl fulfills my every wish so it ain't hard at all.

In time, you will understand and embrace the patrician brap fetish.

I like to be beaten by a woman, even better if there are more. The best time I had was when a drunken, angry significant other from a friend almost killed me, she broke 2 ribs and I needed to stay in the hospital for 2 months (she wanted to kiss me but that friend is very valuable), pure bliss for me.
It all started when I was 15, usually 3-4 girls of that age liked to wait for me at the exit of the highschool gym and tie me, and then take turns to physically abuse me, I still jerk off remembering that

Most people don't know, in fact, only this friend does, and he's pretty fucked up too, he doesn't judge me at all. I'm fine with it, but I do believe it's not something you can tell anyone

It's hard to find someone like that, but violent women are relatively common. I'm dry and rebellious, so the difficult part for me is to find a woman that likes me in the first place

People involved in S&M are all a bunch of mentally ill faggots. You ever go on fetlife? Cesspool of traumatized childhoods and faggots.

slave girl
no, no one knows, no
very no girl i know wants to be housewife/cumdumpster wihtout the right to be more....

my gf wouldn't want something like that either, she's just a little into being submissive

Same, I don't force it on people and because of that it has no real effect on my general life.
My parents know about it and they generally just blank it/don't bring it up.

I have had a few women voluntarily try doing it with about 50/50 results.
Usually they quickly realize that they are in control of what happens to the diaper and that they don't actually have to use it, and then it just becomes another pair of underwear to them.

Watersports. I want a girl to piss on my dick then go back to riding it. One to let me piss inside her. No one knows and I've never got to experience it

Lol no, I haven’t. Again, you might be assuming I take this much more seriously than I really do. It sort of sounds like you take it more seriously than I ever have. It’s a bit silly to think everybody who likes kinky sex is the same as some degens you saw online. ...but you’ve already proven yourself to be a bit irrational at best, so don’t worry about it. Somebody like you probably should be overly-cautious of possible abusers. Poor thing

1. Hairy girls. At the beginning just hairy pussy/asshole. Now I also like hairy pits, but still not into hairy legs.

2. Lactating girls. Couple of months ago my dream came true and I found a hooker with milk spraying tits. Was quite hot. But tbh, in my fantasy it was hotter. Still into it though.

I dont judge myself of it and dont really talk about it with others, so they cant judge me. I am just telling girls I date to let their pubic hair grow, which is fine for most of them.

Lactating is really hard to satisfy, hairy not that hard but also not as easy as big boobs.

It sounds like you're just a complete waste of perfectly good air. What do you do for a living?

Inb4 larp. You asked. As a semi attractive gril, my fetish is sex with fuck ugly desperate guys. Started in school I think when I slept with the fat nerd from class because I felt sorry for him. I still sleep with some pretty tragic individuals and then just deny that I even know them if they say anything to other people.

>falling for the bait

I have a variety of fetishes. Many of which revolve around giantess/shrinking/feet/vore/whatever basically. I eventually came to terms with it but have only ever told two people. As for satisfying my desires, it's physically impossible unless it's just feet of course. However some roleplay in the bedroom goes a fairly long way as well as running scenarios/teasing via text.

I don’t feel the need to defend myself to you, user. I don’t even know why you’re so upset because you would rather be passive aggressive and turn this into a petty argument about how I earn a living than have a real conversation and try to understand me better. You honestly seem like you might be too young to understand this topic and on top of that, I don’t want to be mean to somebody who’s only angry with me because they were molested or something like that. I’m a pervert, not a monster.

What turns you on about it?

>Whats your fetish user?
>people judge you because of it?
No. At least not openly. The conversation has only come up with one friend and I think he judges, as he's made underhanded comments around my wife but I feel that cones more from a place of personal loneliness and jealousy than actual feelings about the fetish.
My wife's an amputee and enjoys my fetish. I've dated amputees prior to her, so other friends joke a bit about it but no real criticism.
>Do YOU judge yourself for it?
I don't. It's extremely common people with this fetish hate themselves. I'm not one of those. When I was younger there was guilt associated with it but I'm far beyond that stage.

>How hard it is to satisfy your specific desires?
Very difficult. Luckily I've found my ideal mate. I've also been lucky enough to land amputees before her, but they're so rare it's not easy.

I very much enjoy talking about kinks and am open to any questions if anyone has any.

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>Thinking it was bait

Feet. Yeah. No. Not too hard. It's mostly the smell that gets me off so if she's not into it I just steal her dirty socks. Obviously the taste is good too though.

Is that her? Moar? I’d settle for non-nudes tbh I’m just impressed with the thiccness. Put a harness on me and I’ll pull her like a sled dog I don’t care how many feet she has

telling me what my bait was

Everybody hates me despite avoiding my focus of attraction.

Also Creampies.

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You can kill me bru