Would you fuck someone who admitted to having herpes?

Would you fuck someone who admitted to having herpes?

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Dated a girl who knew she had hep-c.
Told me after we had sex several times.
Livid. Took her "camping" that weekend. Literally beat her until she shit and left her there saying if she told I would make sure her children get whatever disease she spread.


my gf fucked me after i told her i had herps it was fine told her i dont want her getting it so used protection for a year untill then we got married and she said well i might as well get it too herps isnt a big deal anyway but i got lucky coz im asimtermatic i dont get the sores or anything like that

My anime waifus are all clean. 2D > 3D.

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I have before. She even had an active outbreak at the time. It's really not a big deal. Since then I've tested positive for HSV but like most people I've never had an outbreak so who gives a shit?

i've had oral herpes since forever. caught it before the age of 6. couldn't care less so yeah i'd bang.

Of its HSV1 you’re talking about then you’re a retardo


you basically talking about almost all black women who date white men.

Little secret black woman don't care cause they already got it.

Date a black check once you get an std and it's fine.

>Date a black check

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ASIMTERMATIC!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you have an STD and you're dumb as fuck, damn.

My wife got herpes before we met. I have never tested positive for it and I’ve never fucked her with a condom.

Trips don't lie.

Not before marriage, afterwards, sure

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anyone with half a brain wouldn't. would you wake up every morning and purposely burn the tip of your dick with a cigarette lighter?

why didn't you bring the kids camping and ream out their buttholes while she watched?


Yup, and I knew every time.
I'm one of those rare ones thats immune to it, both as a carrier or to even contract it.
Get fucked.

Everyone has herpes. Even if it doesn't show.

Like 70-80% of the population has herpes. Not a big deal.


depends if i already have it and dont know

That's HSV-1 and almost everyone has it.

HSV-2 what generally causes genital lesions and is a lot more agressive and can cause things like chronic nerve pain.

I hope you caught hep c from her

yeah, something like 90% of sexually active adults have some form of the herpes virus. op is likely a virgin

LOL the likelihood you cought it while beating her up was far greater than getting it from the sex.

Shut up an*me faggot

my anime waifu has HIV but I love her any way

More than 80% ove the population carry the herpes virus.
Meaning if they admit to you to have herpes don't make any difference, because most likely you also have it

You have no idea what you're talking about you ignorant fucking faggot.

just before craigslist took down their personal ads, I saw a black woman on their looking for a white boyfriend and she had hiv

all niggers have permanent STD's

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