Could someone x-ray these for me please?

Could someone x-ray these for me please?

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Other one I have

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who is she?

I'll do it if you post more

Aight hang on

Here ya go

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I gotchu fam

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I tried doing this on my phone

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She'll need a fucking x-ray to determine how close to failure her vital organs are under all that fat.

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sorry buddy the dark shirt isnt really ideal for an xray

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same thing, dark shirt

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We need sauce on this broodmare.

Kiingjacky on tiktok
Ovojmr on insta
Doesn’t have snap

Another with some visible nip

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Another one

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so much black :(

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shit quality, won't work. Besides, I already did one that was like 2 frames different.

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There is a lot a PS skill here, i tried so many time to make xray but it never was a clear pics in the end ... Someone can xray this for me please ?

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Can you try this Babe?

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What program?

Photoshop mix on iOS

What color is this thing lol?

Op here, I’m mastering the art of phone photoshop, bow down to me, my fingers hurts too

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This queen pls

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Here ya go, gee this photoshop thing ain’t that hard

Oops here

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Op again, here you go

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That's legit nigga

MVP omg

Oh yuh op work ur magic bo$$

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Can someone do this one?

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Op here, here you go

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hey man plz xray this I want to see her skeleton thanks

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Holy shit you fucking believed me you absolute buffoon I saved them all and posted none

Op here, the one that’s been doing all the good photoshops on here, message me on Snapchat in case this thread dies, Dyxtra_1

This photoshop thing is fun

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Ask and you shal receive

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Pls :^) I've been wanting to see my mom naked for years

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Here ya go fam

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Which ones ur mom

Here's another picture if it works better

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Sorry, one on the left

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Fuckin legit my guy appreciate it

Here ya go

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one of the better fakes I've seen

here is an easy one boys

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take notes faggots, cuz this is what u have to post if u want "xrays"

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Here ya go

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appreciate your work user.

Thank you thank you, I started this thread seeing if someone would x-ray my pics and I ended up learning in the process lmao

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You are a god user

What app are you using user

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Photoshop mix and photoshop fix
On the AppStore


shop god pls

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Can someone try this

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Here ya go

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Please sir one more

Didn’t add pic my bad

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If she ever gets on Chaturbate, my life savings are gone...

Can this be done

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Love you OP

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Here ya go

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Bro same

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Photoshop guy here, I’m a lil tired, add my snap and I’ll do an x-ray for you

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What is that?

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Can you go over your process? I'm trying to get better

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user delivars


You're a master at this.. And you're doing it on the phone?

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