I really fucked my friend's mom yesterday. AMA

I really fucked my friend's mom yesterday. AMA

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Why not?

Basic answer: because I thought it would be a cool experience
Deeper: some of the desire probably comes from wanting revenge or some shit for all the stuff my ex did

How did it begin


Nicee one...Elon.

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I've known her (not very well for a long time). Sometimes you could tell she had a thing for young guys.. but lately I was helping her with bud. She owed me some money for a while and ended up implying she would want to do some shit to make up for it...

How much older than you is she
Did you ask or did she?
Describe first time.

I'm in my early twenties she has to be almost 40. And I hit on her and implied I would but up for it but when it came down to it she asked

Are you going to tell him?

Is that her? Blackmail her for nudes and post

Why is this picture posted everywhere?

ha I don't think so
Maybe if I get the motive to someday

did you wrap it first or hit that shit raw and got your buddy a little brother

Yes it is

I wrapped it. She said she couldn't get pregnant but I wasn't risking getting anything from her. An amazing fuck though


Whats your SSN?

Did you enjoy it?

It was awesome at the time but now theres some regret

Sorry Ted

what do you think about this hyena?, is she sexy?, would you fuck her?, why not

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titityfuckr? Anal?

>Mommy! Jasiri won't let me hunt the antelope. I'm a starving Jackal child. Please help me catch something before Kion comes and fucks everything up again because he's an asshole.

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you again?, lel fuck off nigger kid, no food for you

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Accurate and in character.

thank you, i was the one writing for kion in the show.