Why aren’t you a Catholic? The church that Jesus Christ started with Peter as the first Pope

Why aren’t you a Catholic? The church that Jesus Christ started with Peter as the first Pope.

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but i am :c

because im orthodox

Because i am orthodox you Catholic separatist

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Because i don't belive in god. U fucking faggot

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Because niggers can’t go to heaven :(

Because the catholic church is a political entity much more than a spiritual one. Plus it is a false front for something sinister.

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I'm not convinced that catholicism, nor any religion is true.

Because Catholics are Jews and I hate jews

Catholics are not about Jesus or God. They are about money. Catholic religion doesn't want you reading the bible because you will find what the bible really says vers what they tell you it says. Funny how the main problem religion with pedophilia is the same one that makes you confess your sins to the pedo. Anyone with a brain isn't catholic.

All Christians are jews

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Cause jesus chris big scammer

I’m an atheist who was raised catholic, and it’s funny but this is absolutely correct. Roman Catholicism is the only “legitimate” Christian Religion. All Protestant religions are made up.

Orthodox is made up. You were just butthurt that’s your guy didn’t get in as pope before the schism, so you took your ball and made up your own religion with your own rules and popes etc

All religions are made up

This is technically true

catholicism is for faggots

I know I was just trying to rustle up some jimmies

Incorrect orthodox are the original Christians and the first Pope was one of the five patriarchs(the patriarch of Rome) the other 4 were the patriarch of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem. The Pope decided to split from the others because of his lust for political power and he even claimed that he is impossible to be wrong and that he is the link between God and humans and some other crapp, its no wonder protestants couldn't put up with these lunatics

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>seething orthodox heretic

I hope this reaches everyone. I'm glad others are proving orthodoxy as i believe it continues to show me how to love. God bless us all.

I wonder how someone can really believe stuff like that

You priests aren't even allowed to have children, and i never understood why they are all shaved

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1) I’m not a priest
2) how do you know they’re shaved?

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The mind can contort itself however it must in order for the person to be accepted by the familial or dominant group. If human beings weren't so dependent on socialization for mental health, religion would vanish.

I am talking about facial hair, unlike you catholics we don't get to see out priests public hair as kids

I like fucking little girls not little boys.

Christians worship the holy trinity.
Not Mary.

Worshiping a trinity is rather stupid as well though

and what the hell does an entity who is its own father sacrificing its disposable mortal body when no one asked it to, have to do with any aspect of real life? Also the holy spirit part of the trinity is just bullshit that the catholics made up so they could have a magic number three.

The entirety of Christianity is founded on libel and slander, and includes quotes never written but spoken aloud. The religion will fail because of litigative onslaughts, exposed truths, and warfare. No prayers were ever welcomed or encouraged, the whiny and selfish mortals are bothersome and annoying.

My family is catholic but my introduction to it was when I was like 6 and my grandma took me to Sunday mass. I’ve had bad mushroom trips that didn’t scare me as much. That shit was clearly some kind of blood ritual.


I'm an Anglican, which is like Catholic but with half the calories.

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Cause God knows literally everything and I don't need to talk to a preacher to talk to god.

In most of the Western Church (non-Catholic) men with wives may be ordained priests, after which they may keep their wives and have children. However, they cannot be promoted beyond priest unless they practice celibacy.

because jesus doesn't real

If God knows everything, he knows if you are going to hell or not already

Priests can help set you on the right path though. They have unique insight, and can help you with valuable advice and wise counsel when you need it. Catholic clergy don't have a monopoly on spiritual wisdom, but it's unwise to discount the Christian priesthood entirely.

Because I’m shintoist

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In his infinite mercy, he left that choice up to you. All you have to do is humbly repent, ask Jesus for his charity, and live a new life in Christ. That's all you have to do to avoid hell. The choice is not predetermined, the choice is in front of you in your day to day actions every single day of your life.

Forgive me for asking such an ignorant question, but in what ways is Shintoism different from idolatry?

There are Jews in the world. There are Buddhists. There are Hindus and Mormons, and then there are those that follow Mohammed, but
I've never been one of them

He knows the future every hair on your head every atom in the world and so on. He is infinite.

No, that's not how all-knowing works. If God is all-knowing , he the future and fate of everyone before they exist.

Yeah, they really help. I won't deny that!

Idolatry? It's hilarious that you would use that word. To an adherent of any abrahamic religion, all idolatry means is worshiping something that is not the abrahamic god as god.

In shintoism, one recognizes and respects the vital spirit in everything.

I'm a Roman Catholic and have been since before I were born. And the one thing they say about Catholics is...

You have to live with some of your questions. God doesn't want us to get hurt by knowing everything.

But he does want us to suffer in hell for jerking off.

No, faggot.

That's not a response, it's a cop-out. If God didn't want us to get hurt from knowing too much, he wouldn't have put two uneducated individuals with no sense of right or wrong in a garden with a fruit containing that type of knowledge.

If god is all-powerful he could abolish hell and satan. And don't give me those modern feelgood mental gymnastics of saying that he loves us too much to control our hearts or some bullshit.

He does what he wants. If he wanted us to be hamsters doing heroine then its what he wants. But he wants us to be good humans.

God already defeated God and Satan, and the final victory is already assured. The gates of Hell and the Grave have been broken asunder. Satan has power in this world, but this world will be wiped away and replaced by the Holy City of God.

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Why does he want us to be good humans? Why does being a good human mean suppressing most of our basic drives? Why does being a good human mean behaving in such a way as to not make waves and to support the political hierarchy?

>he wants us to be good humans.

well he can "want" in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first


while we are on this subject. Is there somewhere in the bible where Jesus actually said to go and make a church all about himself? Or was this something Paul just did like, "Oh,Jesus left me in charge, he told me to let you guys know."

imagine the dumps god could take

Okay good so why have a long drawn out process of suffering instead of fixing the problem he caused in the first place.

Cause you have to make it.

It's a divine mystery. My belief is that He's offering us the opportunity to become greater than we are, one last chance to get it right before He commands Gabriel to sound the trumpet and signal the Last Day.

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i am, dont give a fuck though. its just something i was forced into since i was born. it never was my choice, or yours for that matter. and thats not surprising, because how many sane adults would choose to believe /insert random cult centered around almighty bearded old dude and some inane stories about how great and tolerant (and thats tolerant only towards "our people" [and even thats not always true]) he is/ ? lemme answer that for you: not many.

Shit dumb

you'll be fine

Shintoism is polytheistic like ancient Greek theology.
Shintoists hardly make god statues and most of religious statues in Japan are Buddhist ones.
Some shintoists idolize mountains tho.

I'm not Catholic because I'm not fearful of death and I'm not a sucker for the Jew overlords who want you to loathe in fear

Would not the Shinto "Gods" be angels in the service of the One God, the Trinity? Again, don't mean to offend, simply want to open an interfaith dialogue.

That's actually not true. Gnosticism is older then Catholicism

shut up edgelord

Shintoism gods seem to have hierarchy but it’s not well organized.
Some animals like foxes are said to be intermediaries between gods and humans.

unique insight into the elasticity of infant anus