NEW asian thread

NEW asian thread

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Qt ex gf

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Nice and more

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What's your kik?

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So cute

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real pokorny fag?


still won't get away from ice


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Lucky guy, I'd enjoy fucking her little monkey pussy.

are you her op? that madman keeps posting her, he says he knows her family and all. my guess is she does not even know he exists.

Bitch got a smile that would make a dolphin jealous

Shit man, angles really do make a difference

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Yep, where's she from?

Only if you have nudes. I want to see some butthole.

who has her gold?

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confirmed she knows how to wear a skirt, god damn

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more of her!!!!

open wide

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her nips and stomach say milf anyway. 20s does not mean no milf.
don't get me wrong, she is very much fuckable.

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alex, is this you again?

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dude, why you delete her pics???
she been posted loads of times before

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Why would she have to? She obviously came here legally.

take a boat for a joy ride

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how would that be obvious? i know loads of chinks that are not legal.
that one actually looks like a true american born banana though, i agree

if only she had tits.

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moar? she looks just fine to me.

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As a sex tourist, to what asian country should I go for the most and best sex? Personally prefer small and skinny girls (in which asians are already the best)

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she looks fine even without tits. i just wish someone had some good stuff.

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Philippines or Indonesia

North Korea. If they were any skinnier they'd be dead.

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